Tuesday, 14 September 2010

September days.

The summer days are now over and the days are getting shorter,I dont like the dark nights so am making the most of the few nights we have left before the clocks go back and we are in with curtains closed from 5pm and long, long nights. The bit i do like is getting the log burner going,candles all a light and to snuggle up under a blanket with a good book,oh and a glass of wine,nice!!
   My time over the last 10 days have been took up with looking for our dog Bilko.I was out walking with him in our local woods and he ran off chasing something and I havent seen him since.Dont know weather he has ran off to far and hurt himself ,is stuck somewhere or cannot find his way home but I have searched and searched for him ,people in our village have helped and are still keeping an eye open for him,I just dont know may just turn up one day,but it is a sad home without him.
  My eldest grandson Billy,went back to school earlier this month start of his first year,he has been through his reception year so now he tells me he is a big boy at real school.Lewis is 2years old later this month and starts nursery in october he is looking forward to that,then there will only be little Scott to come through my door in a morning to give me kisses and cuddles,oh i dont like them growing up.Its my birthday later this month and think I will just spend the day snugled up with them all.
  I now must sign off and start dinner for the men,one thing I do like about winter is cooking nice pots of stew,big pots of home made soup and yummy cassroles,lovley.We are having braised steak tonight so better get on get it all prepared.
    Bye for now xx