Monday, 28 May 2012

On my own.

        Oh I have a few hours on my own today hubby has taken Maria to collect a new car,not new but new to Maria,so I have turned the music up,the first load of washing is in, kitchen cleaned,sitting room cleaned, bathroom cleaned now just have beds to change and bedrooms to clean.Don't you find that when you are on your own jobs in the house don't take quite so long and its quite enjoyable? 
Maybe I'm sad but I get a buzz out of doing the housework and seeing it all fresh and clean and the washing on the line.When the children where little I used to sit and watch the washing on the line blowing away while I sat and fed them,I used terry nappies because I loved to see them blowing all fluffy white on the line,I some times think I have a screw loose but that's just me!!!
   Well that's coffee break over with and the washer has stopped so off I go to peg it out,what are you doing this beautiful morning,pegging out?lol    
      See you soon love Jill xx