Monday, 28 May 2012

On my own.

        Oh I have a few hours on my own today hubby has taken Maria to collect a new car,not new but new to Maria,so I have turned the music up,the first load of washing is in, kitchen cleaned,sitting room cleaned, bathroom cleaned now just have beds to change and bedrooms to clean.Don't you find that when you are on your own jobs in the house don't take quite so long and its quite enjoyable? 
Maybe I'm sad but I get a buzz out of doing the housework and seeing it all fresh and clean and the washing on the line.When the children where little I used to sit and watch the washing on the line blowing away while I sat and fed them,I used terry nappies because I loved to see them blowing all fluffy white on the line,I some times think I have a screw loose but that's just me!!!
   Well that's coffee break over with and the washer has stopped so off I go to peg it out,what are you doing this beautiful morning,pegging out?lol    
      See you soon love Jill xx


  1. Oh gee, I don't particularly enjoy housework, although when I was young, married and had children I considered it my job. I had quite the routine. Now, with just me I find the house stays much the same and I don't even have to dust that often. When Lorne is here, it's different and it's almost like when I was young with kids. Men do make quite a Have a great evening, Jill. :D

  2. I quite like being on my own for the odd day or two.I have to be in the mood to give the house a good fettle but if I am its great! Tony has to work on monday the bank holiday so I will be left to my own devices.I havent yet decided what to do. Maybe I wont do anything, just chill out and watch the jubilee celebrations on tv.

  3. Hello, I am new to blogging - I've been reading them for ages but I just started my own recently and I'm really enjoying it! Your blog has struck a chord with me as I feel we have quite a lot in common - I am in my 50's, love pegging out my washing and watching it blow (how sad I know!!) I have a mountain of material gathered with the plan to make a quilt one day, I do papercrafting, knitting, gardening and I love having my grandchildren (2) over to play. I just wanted to say 'hello'.

  4. You can't beat washing on the line, and I too used "proper" (terry) nappies. Oh those were the days!
    I love getting the house all clean and tidy. After almost 40 years of going out to work (part time when the children were small) I'm now at home. It wasn't planned, but things happen, and I love it! I can spend my time doing anything and everything ( if I want to) and I haven't got enough hours in the day!
    I get to spend more time with 3 of our grandchildren who live close by, but we do get to drive down to Wiltshire to see our other two quite frequently!
    Bring it on, I love it!
    Hope you're keeping well Jill, Linda x

  5. Hi Jill,
    I always get more done around the house when I'm by myself. Now that the kids are grown up and Hubby is at work, things go much faster. But you know, I would trade these quiet days to have my little ones underfoot again! I miss those days! Thanks for your visit and enjoy your weekend.


  6. Oh to be able to hang washing on the line know...where I are not even ALLOWED to have an outside clothes line.....such memories.

    thanks for stopping by today.


  7. I LOVE how you call it pegging it out Jill. My husband just finished building my first clothesline ever. I have always wanted one, but he didn't think it was important. I finally got my way and have been loving being able to hang the wash now.
    I used to love to clean house when the children were small. It made me feel so good and productive. Now I am rather lazy in that department : )

    sending warm hugs your way...

  8. Loved your car boot sale story. I am kicking myself I took a sewing box like that to Oxfam when we moved, but someone is enjoying it I'm sure.
    Wish you could have seen the Tor lit up, Jill, you would have loved it!

  9. I love watching the washing in the breeze too, have a good day x