Saturday, 26 May 2012

Car boot sale.

           Yesterday my hubby asked me if I would like to go and do a car boot sale today,I jumped at the chance before he had chance to change his mind.I went straight up to my sewing corner and sorted out what I wanted to take with me to sell which baskets they would go in and which cloths to put on the table.I have also collected quite a few bits and bobs I no longer require and Maria sent along some toys the boys have grown out of.
           As the car boot we like to go to is 1hr away from home we had to set off early,5am my alarm went off I had only slept for 1h,typical when you have to be up early you have a sleepless night with lots of hot sweats, argggggh.Off we set after having a quick cup of tea I felt quite excited.We arrived at 645am my eyes quite sore from tiredness but I got a buzz when before I had got anything out of the car a lady saw what I had and said how pretty they where.There was a lot of people about and there must of been about 450 tables it sure was big bigger than it usually is.
          The weather was hot hot hot and their was a lot of poor little children about that just did not want to be dragged about bad tempered parents cos they wanted to go further I'm sure if they just stopped and talked to their children things would not be so bad for either of them.I didn't go searching others tables but my hubby had a little wander and came back with news that there was a lady selling baskets just at the top of our row of tables and he also bought me a wooden sewing box seen below.Off I went as fast as I could to see these baskets( my weakness) and bought just the one.The lady across from us was selling a lovely ottoman and hubby saw me eyeing it up and said if it was still there at home time I could ask about it.And guess what it was and the lady only wanted £10 for it so I snapped it up.
       Now I can hear you saying" but Jill you went there to sell",yes I know I did and I did try to resist buying but you know what its like.I'm afraid I didn't sell much only a few hearts and a pin cushion,had lots of lovely comments about my goods but I don't think its the right place to sell but I'm not going to give in just yet.I did get one lady who wants me to make a quilt for her baby's cot in patchwork and I said that I would try my hardest to get it made for next week.I did sell most of the children's toys for them and some clothes of mine so it was worth going.
      This is the ottoman I bought,I don't think the colour of it fits in with what we have in our home so earlier this evening out came the paint pots and Iv painted it I'm going to get some nice pretty fabric to cover the top which I removed before painting,then its going in the spare bedroom to be the new home for the boys toys for when they are here.I also pained the basket I got because I didn't like the colour of it, and the sewing box got a good polish.
Before the paint job.

The top,it is quite pretty but has a couple of stains on it.

                                                 After,its not a very good pic it is nicer in the flesh.
                                        The basket before
                                             And after,not bad for £5.
                                And the sweet sewing box,its in really good condition and was only £7.
               Now I'm going to go and sit with my feet up for a while and have a cup of fruit tea before bedtime I think I should sleep well tonight I hope so anyway. I hope the weather is going to stay like this now it would be nice wouldn't it? Have you have all had a lovely Saturday? I will be looking at your posts to see what you have been up to,all enjoying yourselves I hope.Hope I have not rambled on too much I can get crried away with myself sometimes.
Bye for now and  take care,Love Jill xxx


  1. Sounds like it was a fun day - and profitable in more ways than one. Love the ottoman and the basket! And I need a new sewing box, too, even though I don't do any sewing anymore. Counting down the days...

  2. Feel free to get carried away Jilly - I enjoyed it and you made me smile. You went to sell things and came away with things you had bought. I like it.

    1. Im glad I made you smile Pat I feel like I have accomplished something now lol.Love Jill xx

  3. I'm not quite sure what I have done so you may get a comment twice from me! I loved the post too and dont worry about getting carried away, I think that is something most of us bloggers do from time to time anyway! Strange how you went to sell and came back with other things you had bought.Thats the sort of thing I would do!

  4. Thank you leslie for your comment it was a good day more to come I hope,it doesmt matter if you sew or not ya still got to have a sewing box,it wont be long now untill we meet.Love Jill xx. Hi Anne,I think it would be a rare day if we girls went out without buying something,it just would not be normal Lol.Thanks for your comment Love Jill xx.

  5. Oh, I do like your sewing box! I think the refurbs on the other items are an improvement.