Tuesday, 22 May 2012

S is forSights in the Sunshine

               After days and days in the rain, dark and damp we have had Some Sunshine.
     Today we had to nip into town so I thought take the camera and take some pics in the Sunshine.We live on one side of the Esk Vally so these are the views I Saw on the way into town.

      This is the Village about 3 miles from us in the direction of town,the village is called Sleights.It does have some really pretty houses and cottages in it but has busy main road running thro it.

      We Stopped at the Spar for some petrol.
      Then round on to the cliff top where we saw this lonely Seat looking out to Sea.

     This is the view to the Abbey and St Marys church.

    St Hilda's church in the Shadows.
     Next we went down Skinner Street .

   Down past one of the oldest Shops in the town Spantons men's wear.
      Into the middle of town over the round about where there is some Steel Sails.

             Past the railway Station.
 Which is near Bobbies Bank as the Sign says which leads to the Police Station.
         Then over the old  Swing Bridge.
     Another view of St Marys church.
          Past Scaffolding.
    Over Spital Bridge.
      Past the building works for Sainsburys which is getting built and will open in august.
    Then through Stainsacre Village.
 On to Summerfield Road.
 Down a country road that was covered with trees that made Shadows on the road.
              This road is the other Side of the Vally which we live on.
         Some Stone walling which is everywhere.

       Oh!! the cars Steering wheel.
     Sheep in the Sunshine.
 Heading back home now down a Steep hill.

     Back home Sat on the step looking up the Steep hill.
    And down the Steep hill to the Steam train Station.
 Well I sure enjoyed my little run out In the Sunshine just hope it is going to stay for a while now,After all it is May nearly June,hope your all well and enjoying some Sunshine,Love for now Jill xxx


  1. Thanks for the lovely tour. It looks like the UK. It is very pretty. The children are adorable. Have a great week.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  2. Oh Jill - loved this one. The seat in Whitby is one of my all time favourites - just above the multi-coloured beach huts.


  3. nice SET of photos. enjoy the SUN, but not for too long!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Really enjoyed this little Sojourn through your neighbourhood and am So looking forward to having SunShine while viSiting with you - Soon! :D

    abcw team

  5. Thank you for the lovely jaunt in the warm sunshine.
    Your countryside is quite beautiful.

  6. That was a pleasant trip - thanks.

  7. Looks like you made the most of the sunshine! Very nice selection of shots. Everything looks so green.

  8. Lovely bringing back memories of Sleights we stayed in a cottage there, loved the pics of Whitby too.

  9. You Sure found a lot of S's in your Sunshiny day. My favourite Shot was the first one looking down that Seriously Steep hill. Thanks for a fun tour!

  10. These are beautiful captures Jill!

    S is for..
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. What a lovely drive you took! A beautiful day! I admit, I squealed a bit when I saw the baby sheep. So sweet! I love the rock walls there.

  12. Ahh Jill! Now that is what it should have looked like when we were there last week!! Enjoyed your pics, the cottage we stayed in wasnt far from Sleights!

  13. What a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for sharing !!