Wednesday, 16 May 2012

R is for Raiding,Relaxing and Reading.

       Today I have been busy Raiding my garden of weeds and the moss that has grown on the cobbles.Because we do not get a lot of sun in the back garden and the cobbles are in the shaded bit they seem to get mossy quickly so Im forever on my hands and knees scrapping it off it gets quite slippy if I dont.Wasnt to many weeds really to pick out so its not taken me all day as I thought it would,Im quite pleased how it is all looking very green but colour will soon be there when we get some sunshine.

       Do you like my pink garden clogs ?they are so comfy I could wear them all the time.

     As you can see this is work in progress and Im not sat Relaxing on the chair.

        This is the empty nest now that the chicks have flown,it amazes me how they weave them with their tiny little beaks and in such a short time.

      I am off now to Relax in a nice warm bath and Read my book,I love Reading in the bath I have been known to be there for over an hour topping the hot water up,oh well a girl has got to have some me time and mine today is going to be a Relax Reading my book.
      Will be back soon to Read what you have posted for ABC Wednesday.  
       Love for now from a Relaxed Jill xx


  1. Wonderful Jill and so inspiring! Yes need to put a good day in the garden myself - especially as it is green bin collection on Friday! Mine is R for rehoming hens! lol You'll meet them soon!

    Denise ABC Team

  2. You have done a fantanstic job riding the weeds from the garden, it looks so beautiful. I adore all the rock you have among the flowers-so pretty. You deserve a rest in your chair.

  3. Your garden is so pretty but I do know what you mean about the moss growing in the darker areas. It's ongoing, isn't it? I, too, love to relax and read in the bath.

    abcw team

  4. IS RADIANT - lovely
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Lovely garden and children!! It is amazing how birds can weave grass and twigs, etc. into a nest.

  6. Your garden looks lovely Jill!
    Birds are so clever..... I hope you had a lovely relaxing bath with your book.

    Lou xxx

  7. Beautiful, Jill :)

    Hour+ bather here too, lol

  8. Your garden is very pretty and cottagey. I love the pink clogs, I usually end up wandering down the garden in my slippers and after about an hour of unplanned weeding, l look down and they're all grotty!

    Those aquelegias are really unusual.