Wednesday, 8 May 2013


         Hi folks how are you all,good I hope.Isn't it just wonderful to see some sunshine and feel the heat on the skin.It's been beautiful here for the last week which makes me one happy girl.I have spent the last 3 days outside pottering about in the garden and getting outside jobs done,washing blowing on the line and walkies with my friend Mary who lives in the village.My little garden has come to life everything is lovely and green and ready to bloom now that the sun has come out to play.Here are a few photos that I took at 7.30 this morning whilst all was quite and peaceful.

     This afternoon off I went walking through bluebell woods with Mary,the clouds came out a few times and we did have a very quick shower but not enough to wet us.The bluebells are coming up lovely and I reckon just another week and there will be a blue carpet which will be speckled with the wild orchids, the wild garlic flowers and the forget me nots.There is lots of little woodland anemones just peeping out amongst the greenery and Iv never seen so much wild sorrel before its everywhere so delicate. While we where out Mary had to have a dip in the river while it is low in fact it is quite dry at the moment just goes to show we have had quite a dry spring.Marys little dog Spotty enjoyed a swim and chasing around like he had never had a walk for months the mad dog,he is a nice little dog that Mary rescued 2yrs ago. I am going to start having a good few more walks now that it is sunshine weather to help with my weight loss which I am pleased to say is going the way I want it to again, I have had a few hic cups as ya do, but am now back into it and 1 and a half stone lighter.
   Hope you enjoy my photos please let me know how you are and if your enjoying the sun like me.Take care of yourselves,Love Jill xx