Friday, 20 January 2012

Sad day,Happy day.

             Just a quick post tonight to let you know how my day has gone.The funeral of Vicky my hubby's niece was beautiful.That may sound weird but it really was,she wasn't a christian so there was no hymns or prayers just a pure celebration of her life told exactly as it was,no heirs and graces. I did not cry until her son of 20yrs stood and said his piece then my tears flowed especially when he said that she is now with his brother that died at just 1mth old and it was time to share mam with him now,just how lovely is that.Then at the end they played Angels by Robbie Williams one of my most favourite songs,then that was it out came the hankie and pet lip,I just could not control it any longer.It was a very fitting send off for a young person.You look after baby Joseph up there in heaven Vicky love, and give him a kiss from auntie Jill xxx
             Well!!!!!!!!!! after that some happy day news.Denise my good pal,has been sharing her sewing machine with me,but today my wonderful hubby bought me a lovely new one. When I asked him what that was for he said "cos I love you and for supporting me",out came the hankie again.Just how nice is that,I love him and would support him if he gave me a penny lolly but best not tell him that eh!
Just a few little pics of my boys which always make me smile.Hope I have not ranted on for too long.


Love Jill xxxxxxxx


  1. Oh Jill...I'm so glad it was a happy/sad day! I had to have a little blow myself after reading this! Also, I just got good news that my daughter's mental health crisis was an interaction with her regular meds and a new med they put her on to control her migraines. So I'm a bit "happy/teary" today, too. Lucky you getting a new sewing machine! I got the same response at Christmas when I asked my dear Lorne why he got me a locket (when previously he'd said he wouldn't get me one) - just said "Because I love you!" We should cherish these moments! Looking forward to meeting you and Denise next summer. Hugs from Canada

  2. Your little ones are gorgeous Jilly. What a bittersweet day for you.
    it is always so sad when young people die before their time but life goes on for the others around and it has to.We should all cherish what we have and count our blessings every day.You sound like you have the most wonderful husband there, you are so lucky to have found each other.Lots of love Jill, Anne

  3. Glad there was some happiness after your sadness Jilly.

  4. Lovely pictures of your boys !!!
    The service sounds wonderful. I can imagine how you felt, it's always hard to lose a loved one !!
    What a wonderful hubby you have, giving you such a great gift, enjoy !!!!
    Have a magical day.

  5. It sounds as if it was a lovely service.

    Enjoy your new machine, can't wait to see all the crafty goodness that comes from it (well, and you.... lol)