Monday, 23 January 2012

My Monday.

Started my day with a bit of sewing,this is my new machine.

Some lavender pillows.

Can you smell the laveender.

I love these box's.

After my sewing I had to do the ironing nearly all hubby and son stuff nothing exciting.

Then at 4pm I took my camera and went for a breath of fresh air before dark.

View of the Steam train sheds from the woods.

Do you like my wellies I bought in Glastonbury,they are doc martins,very cosy.

Wonder where that planes going.


Our village church.

Hope you enjoyed my walk I will be going for another tomorrow and will take the camera again.
Hope you are all well and having fun in what ever you are doing.Bye for now .Love Jill xxx


  1. The day seemed lovely Jill...full of contentment. I love going for a walk with Freida and taking the camera - so nice to feel you have shared the simple aspects of a day! Loved this. xxx

  2. Thanks for taking me along on your walk. I love the stream and am looking forward to seeing the train! Glad your Monday was a fulfilling day! :D