Sunday, 5 February 2012

Walk in the snow.

Morning all. After my breakfast and a quick tidy up it was on with the wellies,coat,scarf and gloves and off for a walk with my camera.It didn't snow any more during the night just what laid before bed time,we do have 3inchs though.Hope you enjoy my photos and its not to many.
                                          This is looking down into the river that is almost frozen over.

                                          The old grave yard.
                                          And the new one.

                                          You can see from this pic how the much the river is frozen.

                                           I think this is my favourite pic its a bit haunting,do you think so?

                                           We do have a beautiful church in our village and the bell is still rung on sunday morning before service.
                                          The railway tunnel.
                                           Looking down onto the village and train track.
                                           There are some little duck foot prints on this ice in the river,glad I dont need to walk across it.

                                          Once home I went  into the garden at the back of the house,all the little plants that were pepping through are covered over just hope they dont die now.

                                          Spot the little duck just peeping out.

                                          We have just had some of the walls in the celler dry lined and plastered,so hubby has had his paint out and white washed, then just could not resist drawing some of our favourite pagan symbols.He has made it look lovely in this part of the celler, I think when it warms up a bit I will be able to sit in there with some candles and insense burning and do my meditating,oh can not wait for warm weather.

                                           Now I am just going to make myself a cuppa and sit and read for a while before cooking dinner,the fire is so inviting the only thing is do I sit
                                         here on the sofa or
                                           here on the little stool next to the fire to warm my toes?
                                          Hope you are all having a lovely sunday and keeping warm,look forward to seeing your pics of the snow.Take care Love Jill xxxx


  1. HI Jill, lovely pics! I have only posted one pic of the snow in our neck of the woods, its lovely though isnt it? I love it when you can just sit and look out the windows enjoying it but you are nicely curled up inside in the warm!

  2. We've had some snow too, thought maybe it would melt as it warmed up a bit, but it's geting cold again already (3:30) so looks like it set to stay for a bit!

    Lovely photos, I often wish we lived by a river/stream instead of the sea :)

  3. Your pics are lovely, Jill. If I lived in such a beautiful area, I'd like the snow, too. It's sunny and cold here again today which is how it's best here. I may go out to take more photos today since my plans to visit my daughter had to be cancelled (the little one has flu). Stay warm and cosy by your fire tonight! :D

  4. That is how I like my show Jilly - in pic form from the comfort of my armchair. Ours has almost gone as the day has gone by but the lane is icy tonight. Keep warm by that stove.

  5. Lovely photos! Hope you had a lovely toasty time by your woodburner - we did by ours!

  6. Fantastic snow pictures, we didn’t get any snow! :0(

    Lou xxx

  7. *sigh* seems the whole world had snow while we had rain and fog!!!
    beautiful pictures though...i enjoyed the walk!