Saturday, 4 February 2012

My day and the weather.

                     This morning when I got out of my warm cosy bed the cold greated me and made me want to jump back into bed.I hate the bit in between getting out of bed and getting to the bathroom,we sleep in the attic bedroom so by the time Iv got from bed to bathroom on a cold morning like this Iv got goose pimples on me goose pimples even when the heating is on.The village was sparkling white with frost and nobody about,after stocking the coal fire and feeding pussy cat Patchouli my kettle had boiled and a cup of tea was very welcome, I cannot function properly until I have had my first cuppa, don't like coffee first thing its gotta be tea.I had to go out to the next village which is only 10mins by car and the reading on the dashboard told me the temperature was minus 6.I know its been colder in other parts of the country but I did sit and shiver until the car had warmed up.
           To keep myself warm I have cleaned the bedrooms changed the beds and got all the washing done the ironing will be done tomorrow to keep me warm.It started to snow at 2.30pm and as I type this at 10.25pm it hasn't stopped so just like most of the country we are white over.It does look very pretty but it causes so much havoc every where it just causes worry.My daughter and her family went to see friends for a birthday party today and I was on tender hooks until I got the phone call to say they where home safe and sound.
          Well we will see what tomorrow brings, I will have a walk with my camera and post some pics like I'm sure lots of bloggers will do but I think its always nice to see others pics .Iv got me bed socks on and extra blanket on the bed, going to fill the hot water bottle now and put that in,wont be long until I turn in tonight I'm tired.Hopefully I will be able to sleep better than I did last night when I seemed to count sheep all night .Pussy cat Patchouli is now looking at me as if to "when are we going to bed"so I better shift myself.
   Good night my friends sleep well and keep warm.Love Jill xxx
P.S. Why is it when ya cold and could do with a hot sweat ya dont get one? xx

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  1. Why Jill, it's Murphy's Law - you only get sweats when the weather is HOT! I look forward to seeing your snowy photos...saw on the news about all the areas that are snowed in. The last couple of days here have been hovering just above 0 C, but sunny, so have been out taking photos.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the cottage and we think we'd like to stay 2 more nights.