Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hi folks!!

Hi folks!It is a miserable day here down or up in North Yorkshire,we have drizzle fog and its cold.But on the plus side my little garden is growing like the clappers!!Iv not done anything out there apart from pulling the weeds out and sweeping and its looking lovely.I'm going to just let you see for yourselves the lovely plants and the buds on them without me babbling on.

This little window is looking into the sitting room from the little lean too at the back of the house,it has my witches hat lamp in it,its a happy little window I think.
This little angel lives on the window sill in the lean too.
This is the window from the inside.

And this window is the back window in my kitchen that looks out on to my garden,the front windows look onto the steam trains.I see that Sir Nigel Gresley steam engine is out and about this morning taking the visitors to Whitby and Pickering,not a very good day to see the pretty views for them though,never mind they will be dry.
Well I'm going to go now and will be back in a couple of minutes with the pics I took of my kitchen when I painted it last week.Toddle pip for now xxx


  1. Jilly, I see you are an aquelegia fan too - they are my favourites. Mine are not out yet but like you I agree that this miserable weather has really made our gardens grow like mad.
    Lucky you able to see Sir Nigel go past.

  2. I didn't get to see your garden when I was there, but I can see now how lovely it is. And no grass to mow! Ours is getting really long in the back garden because Lorne is too weak to mow it and we've had so much rain. I've asked one of my students (17 yrs old) if he'd like a bit of extra cash for the summer to do it for him. He's done it before for me when Lorne was away and he did a fantastic job! I hope he'll agree so Lorne can relax and just get better. Have to go see your other pics now.

  3. Yes Pat I love aquilegia they are so delicate and pretty.xx No grass Leslie just some gravel then I don't have to mow.I do hope that Lorne is not too ill Im sorry to hear he is weak please give him my love,and love to you also .xx

  4. I love your garden. We have added to our crop of aquilegias this year - they remind me so much of my childhood, as I grow older I get more and more nostalgic for things from my youth. I need to paint our kitchen too - I know what you mean about dust etc - it just gets everywhere.

  5. Jill your garden is gorgeous.A beautiful cottage garden, I could quite happily sit in it all day (as long as the rain had gone that is!).

  6. Thank you June and Anne for your lovely comments. I love my little garden but never get much time to sit out in it when the weather is nice I am busy and when Iv got time the weather is bad, you just cannot win.xx

  7. Hello Jill
    I am catching up with your lovely posts..Your garden is looking so pretty, you have some beautiful plants, I love your Oak tree in the pot..and your special windows
    Thea xx