Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Night time.

       Its very quite here only the sound of the clock ticking me tapping on the laptop and the sound of the cat Patchouli tip toeing about upstairs as she goes from one room to the next checking on everyone,or looking for mischief.My eldest grandson Billy is here tonight all cosy snug in bed with his teddy sleeping soundly,our son Jack in his room fast asleep after a day at work,and hubby also has gone to bed and I can hear him gently snoring away there even tho he is 2 floors up so maybe not so gently.I love it when I get to have the space to myself before bedtime I get time to unwind by just  pottering about doing a bit of this and a bit of that nothing much but potter.
     It has been a beautiful day here today and the forcast is good for tomorrow as well so maybe the Indian summer which was forecast  has come.I got lots of washing done and on the line today that is waiting to be ironed and some more washing to go out in the morning so that is what I will be doing tomorrow when I have taken Billy to school and then some gardening and tending the pots at the front of the house as they are starting to look a bit worse for wear..Now I will do half  hour pottering and then go curl up with Billy as he likes me to sleep with him when he is here (well he is only 6) may have to read a couple of chapters of the book I am reading at the moment before I go into the land of nod.
Well good night all sleep well.Love Jill xx


  1. Arrrh such a lovely post, it is lovely to have peace at night time all alone isn't it, no telly just the sounds the house makes, I find them so comforting. The weather is so warm, it's lovely, have spent the whole day tidying the garden.
    Love Sophie x

  2. This post really made me smile. I love some time to myself at night too, although it is never very quiet as I could still hear my husband snoring if he was in the next village! Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the sheep :)
    Enjoy the lovely weather.
    Abby xx

  3. I like a bit of night time alone timetoo.I sometimes stay up a bit too late because of it. There is something different about night time silence.
    Your gardening sounds lovely. I need to do something with mine,it is a giant mess at the moment.
    I always smile at your comments about your daughter. I had cherry red doc martens and I loved them. xxx

  4. Staying up late nowadays is a bit of a struggle for me my eyes just get too heavy and i have to go to bed , my eldest son is usualy up way beyond me these days, i on the other hand like to wake early and get up and about , i think it stems from 9 years working in the bakery at sainsburys and having to be up at four to be at work for five, so im more of a morning person , i love the quite time before everyone wakes and the day really starts

  5. Oh yes mornings are special too,sitting in the quite with a nice cup of tea while everyone else is still sleeping and the birds just waking up and tweeting.just wonderfull xx

  6. I've always thought of it as 'putting the house to bed'--the quiet moments reading a few pages, tip-toeing around to see that all is well before heading to bed. As home-making/care-giving women those times of peace are too rare!