Monday, 24 June 2013

Super Moon.

Good morning friends, it was far to cloudy to see the lovely lady moon last night not a chance at anytime, I was in and out like a mad woman in between the heavy showers to see if it was going to clear. About 8.45pm I spoke to Mary to see what she thought about us venturing out but she said the same as me "Not a chance". This picture I have got off the net this morning I chose this one because of the lovely reflection in the sea its quite beautiful. There will be other super moons to see it is not the only one and for now I am satisfied with the image I have of her the other night as we came out of the woods it was wonderful.  
                  I came across this little picture the other day which made me smile, just thought I would share it with you all. I often think that maybe instead of living in airy fairy land I should grow up and start acting like a responsible adult, but its not as much fun is it, LOL, what do you think???? Do you think that you should act your age or have some fun ??
      Have a fun day bye for now. Love Jill xxx



  1. I ought to embroider a sampler of that saying and hang it in my hall LOL

  2. ~We've both been 'moon watching' Jill....a super strawberry moon! Stay young inside and out, my friend! hehe....hugs Maria x

  3. Love the little rock...and in my humble opinion, once the bills are paid, act CRAYZEE! lol

  4. We had so much rain and couldn't see the moon also, my mum who is 80 said she still feels like she is 20 something, so i see no point in acting my age.

  5. She was hidden here above a heavy blanket of cloud :( It would be difficult to act my age as some days I feel a downtrodden 90 and some a springy 15! lol

  6. Have fun anytime !!!!

  7. Hello Jill, no I did not see her either, the blooming weather spoilt our fun!
    never mind I have seen her since...
    happy summer days
    Thea x

  8. hello Jill!

    Ive popped by with the news that you have won the giveaway on my blog! please pop in!!

    Leanne x