Monday, 29 October 2012


        Brrrrr its cold and dull here in North Yorkshire today I'm stopping in to stay warm,Iv done my housework for today more could be done but my excuse for not dusting is its Halloween and ya gotta have dust and cobwebs about for it.My house is tidy and Iv cleaned the bathroom and kitchen the important rooms,hearth is clean and sitting room hoovered so that's it for today I made a veg soup yesterday whilst cooking the Sunday roast so that is just getting warmed up now for our lunch then tonight we are having homemade chicken Kiev's,potatoes and cauli already just to put in the oven later.I'm not always this organised but I just wanted a afternoon sewing somethings I have started for  Christmas,I have finished a small quilt that I started last year and didn't have time to finish and now I am making a table runner for the kitchen and I have a advent quilt hanging that I want to do as well so this is why I need to organise myself a bit better than usual. The fire is burning away nicley as I post this to you Im going to see if there is a nice film on we can watch,hubby is quite happy to watch a film as long its not one that is too girly.Hubby is doing better than he was he is getting around the house a bit better now he has his appointment with the surgen next week so we will see if there is any treatment he can have to help him.
     Well thats it for now hope you are keeping warm and having a good day.Love Jill xx


  1. Sounds like you have some lovely sewing time planned. Stay warm! x

  2. its decidedly damp and chilly here in the new forest-i have bene laid up with a cold since saturday (which meant i couldnt go to glastonbury :( ) so i have been snuggled up reading and feeling well enough to come and visit my blogging friends today :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day, Jill. Glad hubs is still doing ok.

  4. It's dull here today, too, Jill. But I can hear the hoover going as my daughter is here doing my floors and carpets today. Yesterday was lovely and sunny (check out my facebook for a slideshow I did for my daughter's birthday). I'm making a beef stew later for dinner - enough to freeze some for another dull day. Last night we watched Dalziel & Pascoe, one of our favourite British police shows. Stay warm! Sending hugs!

  5. I love to have days like this where you can really get stuck into the cleaning and when everything is done then make a start on some crafting. Keep warm Jill and enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Hi Jilly,
    It all sounds very cosy and warm and perfect for the season!
    I wish you the most enchanting Halloween.
    Thank you also for kind words over on mine, the season brings out the witch in me also!!
    In fact hubbies says I would be burnt at the stake in times gone by...hehe.
    love Maria x

  7. Thank you girls for your lovely comments,hope you are all keeping warm tonight.Love Jill xx

  8. Hello Jilly
    Sounds like you have earned your "me" time ,hope you had a lovely cosy afternoon sewing
    Happy Halloween
    Thea x