Thursday, 28 March 2013

Shock !!

     Please be seated before you read this post!!!

Today I have been in great shock,why I hear you say.It is because when I drew the bedroom curtains this morning I thought I saw just a hint of sunshine,oh I got so excited I can tell you I quickly ran and got showered and dressed and went outside and yes up in the great big space where there has only being gray sky I saw bits of blue.I felt like I had awoken in another country.
    This afternoon we had to go into Whitby and then to Scarborough and we did it in sunshine,the sea even looked a little blue, a nice spring looking blue,the sun was shining on Whitby Abbey and I could feel myself squinting as I drove I thought I was going to have to put on my sun glasses it was getting so bright,the temperature even got past 5degrees the frost light went off on the dashboard.This evening as we drove home the sky was bright and starry, the moon was shining bright a delight to see.Oh I am a happy girl tonight,it don't take much to make me happy just a day of sunshine its just wonderful.
   I do hope you have had some sun today and that we are going to have a nice weekend,I'm not going to listen to any forecast so I wont know what they say we are to have I'm just going to open my curtains and see what is looking back at me.
   Happy Easter to you all and have a lovely time with your lovely families.Love and blessings from Jill xxx


  1. lol...glad I was sitting, that was quite a shock! :)

  2. The sun also shone in Kentucky, USA--YES!

  3. So much sunshine, we are hoping for a bit of rain as it has been so dry. I'm glad you had sunshine, I have the best memory's of staying in the YHA next to Whitby Abby.

  4. Lol....funny cos down here in Australia we finally got some clouds and rain!!!

  5. ~ Ooh I am Sending BIG wishes out to visit, Whitby, Jill...soo pleased the sun shined on your day....Easter blessings to YOU and YOURS.....Have a Happy time!~ With 'Twinkles' **** Maria x

  6. Once I read your title Jill, I knew what the shock had been because it was just the same here. All week the sky has been dark grey and suddenly, yesterday, there was a hint of sunshine. What a blessed relief - wonderful. Happy Easter.

  7. No point in listening to forcasts, like you I prefer to just see what happens.
    Trying hard to be sunny here in Brighton, do hope its good for the holiday for everyone.
    Enjoy your Easter.

  8. Yes the sun was blazing in at 6.30am this morning Yipee!