Wednesday, 23 November 2011

S for Sounds of Silence.

 I have always thought myself very lucky to live in the countryside where you can escape the sounds of every day life in a town or city .At the weekend I was in Bradford with My dear friend Denise.We stayed in a hotel not far from the centre,I could not sleep (not even a wink) this was not because Denise snores (maybe the odd grunt,sorry Denise) but because I am not used to the sounds of the town. People talking in the corridors as they passed our room ,talking outside beneath our window,cars beeping horns and sirens going past to emergencys .No I am used to the sounds of silence when I go to my bed, just the clock ticking, pussy cat Patchouli tip toeing about the house, the sound of the owls out side all -  comfort sounds that lull me to sleep, most of the time. So as you will probably guess I would not swap my sounds of silence for the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

Are you a country or a town person? What comfort sounds do you like?

Hope you are all well,Love Jill xx

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  1. The country is too quiet, large cities too loud. Small cities are the best.

    BTW, Simon and Garfunkel both turned 70 this fall.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I like the sound of silence. I grow up in the city and it is about time to live in the country side. ^_^ Love the music here too.


  3. Aye Jill we love the countryside don't we - and the tooting of horns eh??? Tut tut I say!
    Love this song!
    Great stuff
    Denise xxx

  4. I love the sound of silence too, big cities make me agitated, although sometimes when I drift of to the land of nod I can hear the train go by in the distance, but find that quite soothing :-) also love the song xx

  5. Oh, I'm a country girl for sure!!
    Jane x

  6. Oh how I agree with you Jilly - and how I love that song.

  7. I live in a very rural area so I am used to the silence. My son has left home to share a flat with friends near his Uni in the city. I don't think he has had a good nights sleep since he left in October!
    Love the S & G song :) x

  8. Thank you all for your comments,looks like the country is the place to be.Love Jill xx

  9. Love the song and the sounds of silence. Thanks for sharing. Nice take on the theme.

  10. We have always lived in rural areas--where if there is a noisy vehicle after midnight we are startled. When we used to travel quite a bit it seemed impossible to sleep well in a motel--traffic noise, people in adjoining suites running water, or their TV's on in the wee hours.
    Each time we've moved house it takes a few nights to settle into the sounds inside and outside.
    We like the sound of a gentle rain on the roof. Birds calling at dawn on a spring morning are lovely. Coyotes howling at night are rather chilling--and I always wonder who the owls' victim might be!