Monday, 27 August 2012


            I don't know what is the matter with me today all I am doing is bursting into tears all the time.I was up early after having a awful dream that my husband was having an affair and all my friends knew about it and nobody told me his woman did,so as you can imagine I woke up really upset and shaking from head to foot.I know that my hubby isnt having a fling with anyone cos he never goes any where without me so thats not likely is it.I sat with my first cup of tea on my own and burst out crying thinking about this flaming dream and then the pussycat didnt want to sit on my knee so that made me cry and I then dropped son Jacks packed lunch on the floor so I started again.
    I was in the shower an hour later and I may as well have turned the shower off cos I was crying enough to rinse myself off,where is it all coming from.  I hung my second load of washing out  that went without any tears but when I was hoovering our bedroom the dam belt snapped on the hoover so off I was again.I could not find the spare band and hubby didnt know where I had put it,its in one of my safe places which is so safe I dont know where it is.LOL ! So I had to continue hoovering the house with just the nozzle on which is hard going so yes more tears came.I had to continue hoovering because Patchouli pussycat is dropping her fur every where and as she is a long haired cat it shows up really bad.I made a coffee and had a talk to myself about pulling myself together before hubby caught me sobbing, he already thinks my hormones are working over over time.
   It worked for a while until I had a cd on while I was ironing and Eric Claptons Tears from Heaven came on and I was off again,the song is so sad and always reminds me of when my lovely grandma died so you can imagine the state I was in.Im now sat with a big box of tissues typing this and tears streaming down my face,WHY!!!! I must be going mad cos Iv not got any thing to cry about must be the hormones.Does any one else get days like this or is it just me????
         Hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday without crying.
         Love Jill xx


  1. Hi Jill, firstly thank you for the lovely comment over on my blog.I would love to meet up if we could arrange it. Perhaps you could email me with a phone number and if we can meet we should! X
    I get days too when I feel really down, not so much tearful though I did when I was smack bang in the menopause. Its better to cry if it thats what you feel like doing.

  2. Hope you are feeling better now, when I am feeling down I usually go for a walk and watch the birds and the bees, even if it is raining, I just feel so much better when I am outside.
    Thea x

  3. Oh no, I do get like this some days too I can only put it down to hormones. Hubby calles them my Karen Carpenter moments, "what I've got they used to call the blues, nothing really wrong .." :0)
    Hope you feel a little brighter tomorrow, maybe make plans to give yourself a treat, could be a new magazine and an hour to read it in peace or a long relaxing bath with candles. Chin up xx

  4. So sorry that you are so sad Jilly - maybe some sunny weather would cheer you up a bit.

  5. The simple answer is no - I have anger days instead. But my wife occasionally has days like yours and neither of us think she's going mad. (Well no more mad than usual!) I think it's just something that happens. Maybe hormones have something to do with it - Jo's days like that were certainly more frequent when her hormones were raging - but maybe it's just to do with the female make-up. I'd just let it flow and accept that days like that happoen. I certainly wouldn't worry about why.
    Tomorrow (that's now today isn't it) will be an entirely different, new day. I bet you're smiling, you've found the belt and the cat is sitting on your knee again.

  6. i sometimes get all teary for no real reason-then i get all 'weird' and think awful things-i think that swampy doesnt want to be with me anymore and i am all set to send him packing! its just crazy, luckily it doesnt last too long-i am sure its hormones.

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments they mean so much.Iv been fine since monday must of just had a bad day.I think things build up sometimes and it all comes flooding out.Thank you again its wonderful to have such lovely people who you havent met but you know will always be there to give support.Love you all from Jill xx

  8. Hello Jill thank you for popping over to mine, this is strange because I have been exactly the same crying over the most stupid things i.e that call centre I cried then too lol. You have a lovely blog ive followed you. Tracy x

  9. Thank you Tracey,sometimes a good cry makes things better.Love Jill xx

  10. Us women are emotional bundles sometimes.. Dreams/depression can sometimes fuel our fears, then like you one thing after another goes A.O.T, (Bottom over Chest ;)). Then on comes the release of tears). And sometimes I think these things are better out then kept in. Take care of yourself, and hope you feel better xx

  11. Oh we all get days like this - my husband calls it my 'horrible-mones'. Enjoyed seeing Elvis in the previous post.

  12. Aw Jill, I was so sorry to read about your day. Isn't it the way though that once the day starts badly it just seems to get worse and worse but, assuming you are of an age to be suffering menopause symptoms, I think that might be your cause! I'm through the teary/angry bit now. Still get occasional flushes but not nearly as often as before but I think we feel very vulnerable as menopause approaches, I suspect your dream was you feeling less womanly because of the 'change' and therefore threatened, albeit for no good reason! If my experience was anything to go by, you better buy some shares in a tissue company lol. I found putting on a weepy film was good - I then felt quite justified crying lol. Hope you're feeling much better now. x

  13. Hello Jill,
    We all get those days.....
    I have even had the same awful dream.
    You wonder really where your mind visits, when you lay down to sleep....
    I like to get out in nature and walk and think and notice the world around me.
    I loved hearing Elvis on your earlier post.Such a treat for a windy autumny morning....
    Take care.
    Maria x