Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Q is for Quintessentially English.

           I sat earlier today wondering what I could post about for ABC Wednesday the letter Q,nothing really sprung to mind,I made myself a cup of tea and if Id had any cakes in I would have had one but seen as I'm on my diet again no cakes are in the pantry,but I could just of eaten a cream scone,ahhhh cream tea how Quintessentially English I thought just the post for ABC.  So laptop on table cuppa in hand quick browse for pictures of English looking images and this is what I found, well a few !
Post box.

                                Croquet on the lawn.
                    Strawberries and cream.
                     Cricket tea on a summer afternoon.
                       Emmmm !Could jut drink one of these
                      Oh I would love to have a chauffeur to drive me about in a car like this.
                      And live in a country house like this.  I think I should of been a lady of the manor with the day dreams I have.
                  A little cottage like this is maybe more suited.
 An English church for Sunday morning worship.
                              Morris dancers on the village green.
                             Followed by cream teas in the sunshine.

China tea cup and saucer.

                              The mouth watering fruit scone with jam and cream. 
            All of these spell out Quintessentially English to me do they to you?
            Hope you are all well and warm.Love Jill xx


  1. Hi Jill, I dont think I could add to your quintessentially english list! It just about sums us up doesnt it? Hope you are ok!

  2. What a lovely post! Yes, agree, absolutely quintessentially English

  3. Oh, so loverly! I'd love a ride in a car like that, too. We shall get ourselves a chauffeur and have him drive us to the village green teahouse and order some cream tea and scones lathered with fresh strawberries. What do you think? I'm on my way! lol

  4. Cream teas, cream teas and more cream teas! Let me know when you and Leslie have a cream tea party!

  5. veddy English. pip pip, cheeerio and all that.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. nice... :) that car is just too awesome.. :) it would be fun going for a ride in that beauty.. :) i have never eaten a scone... but that one sure does look yummy.... have a great day!!!

  7. Perfectly English post. Scones..yum and wonderful regal cars and aristocratic people...perfect post.

  8. Sweet! You need the palace guards too! (At least for this New Yorker...LOL.

  9. Those are wonderful images Jill!

    Que Sera Sera
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team