Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mother Nature.

Well !! isn't that just typical,when I last popped in about 2hrs ago I told you it was a yuckey morning,it isn't now i'ts beautiful.We have blue skies and sunshine so it will be quite a nice drive to Scarborough this afternoon. I'll pop in tonight to let you know how I get on at the dentist.
Bye again for now,love Jill xx


  1. That lovely photograph more or less sums up the day here too Jilly, although a rainbow to the North suggests that somebody, somewhere is getting a shower of rain.

  2. Love that last shot!

    Would you mind pitching an answer?

    1. Hi thank you for the comment.xx

  3. Beautiful day for the drive to Scarborough, a place I wanted to visit but well, you know....I've been having tooth problems, too. Abcess in one of my back teeth and so have been on antibiotics for almost a week (making me feel ill). I have to go back on Friday and have the tooth pulled as it's not salvageable. Sigh! Hope you get on better with your dentist!

  4. Wow, the second capture is amazing!! Special lens? Ugh, dentist issues are not fun!