Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My September.

Hello my friends how are you all ? My September was a month like all my summer months this year it came and went with me doing not a lot because of my foot. But the one thing that gave me great joy and certainly put a massive smile on my sorrowful face was going to see Fleetwood Mac !!!! Oh WOW, was they special. I have waited more than 37 yrs  to see them and it was well worth the wait, I'll tell you. They were everything and more of what I imagined them to be, Stevie Nicks just has the most haunting voice its just magical to sit and listen to, I cannot describe the atmosphere it was just incredible . We went to the O2 on the Wednesday night when Christie Mcvie  came on to sing with them, what a surprise that was, We had heard that she may do one appearance but didn't think we would be there for it, oh it was fantastic when she came on stage the cheers from the crowd was just deafening, brilliant to be there. I will always remember the evening as one that was very special to me. My friend Frankenstein (the boot) came along as well unfortunately, I am still wearing him although I can go for a while in the house now without it on as long as I take care not to over do things. I have now had 3 sessions with the physio and have lots of exercises to do  daily so things are looking up, in a couple of weeks time I will be down at the physio's gym doing a lot more so fingers crossed in a couple of months time I will be back walking around and Frank will have being well and truly ditched.                                                                                                                                            
   I had my birthday on the 19th which was a very quite day just spent at home with hubby relaxing we went for a meal the evening before with our son which was lovely and a real treat. We went to the next village to ours, Egton Bridge which is a lovely little place  with a smashing pub called The Horseshoe Inn which I highly recommend if you are visiting its lovely.

      I have ventured outside just up the lane not very far from our house which was a treat, I would usually take only about 15 Min's to reach the top of this lane but with the boot on it took me 35 Min's, not good, but it was lovely to see the autumn outside of a car window.  The sunshine on the river, the trees just starting to change colour, the berries on the trees and the little squirrel I spotted gathering his food for the winter, oh I do love this time of year.

   Well I will sign off now, say good night, take myself off to bed with my book and check in tomorrow to visit your lovely blogs.
Night night friends hope you all sleep well. Love Jill xx


  1. Did I wish you Happy Birthday??? If not, I do now! I, too, am looking forward to getting my own "Frank" off! I take it off to sleep now and I'm so much more comfortable. It still hurts a bit, but Lorne says that it's the tendons that are hurting because they aren't stretching. I guess I'll be doing physio, too, in a while. I see the surgeon Nov. 8th and have fingers crossed I can take this thing off and put it away for another day (hopefully that will never come). I envy you going for lovely walks in this weather. It's so nice here right now - sunny & cool. Lorne took me to the river and brought a chair so I could sit on the wharf to eat my sandwich and enjoy the views on Sunday, my birthday. (Many thx for the warm wishes!) I dream of coming back and spending more time there. I never did make it to Scarborough or Robin Hood Cove or other spots. I wish you could come here so I could show you our sights! You would love it! Sending hugs XXX

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that my mother absolutely LOVED Stevie Nicks!

  3. I enjoyed the description and photos from your autumn walk. What a session you've had with the horrid boot! It simply has to get better from here on!

  4. Glad the dreaded boot is soon to be discarded Jilly. I have ankle problems so know all about restricted walking - it is so frustrating. Looking forward to reading of your adventures when you get going again.

  5. Happy birthday lovely girl, looking forward to seeing you again sometime! x

  6. Happy belated birthday Jill! Hopefully you wont be long before you are able to get around properly now.

  7. Happy Birthday Jill.. I would have loved to seen Fleetwood Mac what a lovely time you had, it all sounded perfect...I bet you are fed up with "Frank" he sounds a right pain!! I like his floral outfit...hope its off soon..
    It is a wonderful month to be among the trees, your pictures are very special
    Thea xx

  8. Happy Birthday Jill - Fleetwood Mac were brilliant weren't they? I thought Lyndsey Buckingham was just brilliant - he never left the stage and they were on for nearly 3 hours in Birmingham - we were lucky to see them 'live' weren't we? - something I shall always remember so glad you had a good time despite the 'shoe' xxxx

  9. Happy Birthday Jill !!!!!
    Fleetwood Mac rocks !!! I saw them a few years ago in Belgium.
    How great that Christine joined them. i wish I could have been there.
    Beautiful pictures of your walk !! I hope you can loose the boot soon ; )
    Have a great day.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday! So glad that you've managed to get out for a walk and how fantastic to have seen Fleetwood Mac! Lucky you:) Let's hope that things continue to look up for you.