Monday, 26 August 2013

Leg /foot.


                Just a quick post to thank you all for the kind comments you left on my last post and to update on my leg/foot. I have now got my date to see the consultant which is not until the 10th September by then I will have had this boot on for 6 weeks. I saw my G.P. last Thursday and he thinks I could well have it on for up to 12 weeks, I think I'll be pulling my hair out by then ( not really) Iv had enough of it now after only 4 weeks. It is so heavy and hot in this lovely weather we are having, its awkward to go up and down stairs and is starting to get a bit sniffy now, I don't have smelly feet but this boot is giving me one foot that is, oh the joys. I was only saying to my mum the other day that I have always had such great admiration for the poor people who have artificial limbs having to fasten them on and deal with such a lot but now I really do admire them even more after having this thing on strapping it up each morning, I know it is nothing like what these poor folks go through but it really makes you sit back and think that bit harder about them Ill tell you. I hope I don't have to have it on for 12 weeks because that will take me way past 25th September when I go see Fleetwood Mac and that will disappoint me after looking forward to going since march, oh well its only a boot !!! just have to put fresh ribbons on and maybe a nice long floaty skirt will hide it, but no dancing tut tut.
     Now something I should of told you a few weeks ago now. I won a giveaway from a lovely lady Leanne over at
     Tales of Simple Days . I was over the moon with my little parcel when Mr Postie knocked at the door to deliver it. The little owl earrings where inside the rabbit tin which is so cute. I once had a charm that was very similar to the owls that went missing and I never found it so these will always be special to me. There was some nice chocolate, a lovely little sign with Home written on it which is much nicer than it looks in the picture, a pretty t towel and some rose soap which is in my handkerchief box to make them smell loverly.Thank you again Leanne for everything and I'm sorry I have taken so long to post about them.
    Well that's it for now my friends I will leave you in peace and go and see what you have been up to. Hope you are all well and happy,Love Jill xx


  1. Hello Jill
    Just catching up, sounds like you have been through the wars you poor thing, your gift looks lovely, some people are so kind, hope you get some answers soon..
    Sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope things get sorted out
    Bless you my friend, thinking of you
    Thea xx

  2. So sorry about your leg, it must be grim having to hobble about in that boot however pretty you've made it. Hope you make it to Fleetwood Mac able to dance as well as watch. Also hope that the problems with your daughter ease soon. At least you've had one nice thing happen with your parcel from Leanne.

  3. What a lovely parcel, it's natures way of cheering you up. The concert will also be a welcome distraction no doubt.......chin up and keep dancing in your heart. :-)

  4. Sorry to hear you might need the boot longer. Try soaking your foot in a basin of warm water & epsom salts, then dry thoroughly, and put some talcum powder on and between your toes. Then let it air overnight while in bed and put some more talc on in the AM before adding a sock & the boot. Worth a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy the show whether you have the boot on or not - I like the idea of a long skirt! Take care Jill and thanks for keeping in touch re Lorne. Hugs!

  5. Hang on in there Jilly. I am about to see the consultant about my ankle and fear I may very well follow you into having a similar device fitted.

  6. Jill, keep your chin up, things will get better! I'm sure you will still have a lovely time at the concert anyway.
    Your giveaway gifts are lovely.XX

  7. oh my jilly! just popped in to see how you are after my time away and find you all poorly...hope you are feeling better now...i am sure that green and black's chocolate helped you some!!!

  8. glad the parcel brought a ray of sunshine jilly!

    Leanne x

  9. Such a wonderful surprise. Great gifts !!!
    I hope you don't have to wait for 12 weeks before you can walk normal again.
    Fleetwood Mac, I love them. I went 4 years ago in Belgium ; )
    Have a great day.

  10. Oh no, I feel so sorry for you having to wear that darn boot.
    The owls are really lovely,and the tin is even nicer ( I love tins, saddo that I am. lol)
    I read that your daughter is playing up, how old is she?
    Thanks for the comments on the bread, I wish he lived nearer (he lives in Scotland, I live on the south coast ) and then he could bring some around.
    Keep smiling, it really does help.