Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hail stones

How come its august and we have hail stones? Dont think i have ever seen hail before in what is surposed to be summer there is a first for everything.It feels more like the middle of september but that is my favourite time of year,along with spring.Fresh mornings,colours of the trees are changing,leaves starting to fall and time to light the log burner for the chilly evenings, oh and my birthday in the middle,lovley jubbly.
   Hope the weather is going to be kind to us on thursday,we are going to take our two eldest grandsons to Chester zoo,i dont know who will enjoy it the most grandma and grandad (know as dan dan) or the boys.Just love to see the boys enjoying themselves,plenty of photos i think.
 Well even tho it is 1015pm i am going to have to do a bit of my rather large pile of ironing before i go to my bed and cuddle up with my book,best time of the day me thinks.
Bye for now night night xx

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