Sunday, 28 November 2010

Even more snow.

         Even more snow and even more to come.Its only 8 months since we had some this year,I am begining to think that we are going to have snow all winter now.We went to our daughters yesterday to take somethings for them and ended getting stuck there for the night. We all pulled together and had a good time though so it didnt matter,we got home this afternoon after a hour and half journey that should of taken 15mins,never mind better to get home safely.We are not going anywhere now until the roads do not have a flake on them,could take a while.
     I have plenty of pottering in my home to do and lots of christmas prezzies to wrap so I will not be bored.I may even be able to catch up on some reading if im lucky fingers crossed on that one.
Let you know how much more we have tomorrow.Bye for now keep warm xx

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