Friday, 3 December 2010

Family addition.

   We have a new addition to our family today a kitten.She is five months old nearly black a very very dark brown with the most adorable little face and big green eyes.We have put her in the porch at the moment where I have put her a basket with blanket to keep her warm.litter tray and water.The lady we got her from is a nurse at our local vets and rescues cats so she has given me lots of very usefull tips of how to deal with her so I will do everything I can to make her feel welcome and wanted in our home.I dont want to frighten her with the camera yet but I will post some pics when I have them,I have called her Patchouli after my love of patchouli essential oil.
    We did get more snow over night but not any more today.The weekend is upon us so next week may bring better weather.
    Keep warm everyone xx

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