Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thursdays weather.

It snowed more during the night so our little village is white,the sun keeps coming out and smiling at us but then it snows again.Oh well I dont need to go anywhere for a few days plenty in the fridge and freezer to keep us going so i will not be venturing very far.I have a nice pile of ironing to keep me going for a few hours and plenty of pottering in the house I  can do so not going to be bored,will miss my little grandsons if I dont see them for a couple of days but I will put me wellies on and get wrapped up and walk to see them.They live a couple of villages away from us its about six miles away so easy enough to walk it and its a very pretty walk through woods and along the river so im not put off.
  Cup of tea then some ironing, may keep me warm cos the temperature is minus 1 so it is cold.
   Bye for now xx

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