Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beautiful morning.

 It is a beautiful morning here in the little village,frosty very cold but guess what,the sun is shining whoop whoop !!. I don't mind that it is cold and frosty just as long as I have a little sun and blue sky it makes me feel like there is some hope for the spring to arrive after such a long dark winter.
  I am going to get on with some cleaning today sweep all the winter out the door,I did start yesterday (not that my home is dirty) on the top floor just another 3floors to go.I do like to give everything a good scrub and polish to see everything shining bright it gives me a good feeling to see a room all fresh.Windows are already open even tho it is cold it wakes you up good and proper a bit of fresh air especially when it is Yorkshire air,the birds have been fed, the washing is in, the beds stripped the bathroom has being cleaned and its only 8.45am this girl is on a mission today.
  Hope you are happy in what ever you are doing today and the sun is shining in your part of the world,have a lovely day see you all soon.
Love Jill xx


  1. Are you for hire lol :) Enjoy the sun.. and good afternoon x

  2. A bit less sun as the day has gone on but there has been enough to lift the spirits here hasn't there?

  3. Do you fancy popping round here Jill?! Don't get too excited by the sun though Jill, they have forecast heavy snow again in Yorkshire over the next few days!

  4. ...and over here in Australia where we have endured a long heatwave, I can say I am happy because the sun has turned itself down a notch. Extremes of weather are hard to cope with, heat or cold.
    Enjoy the sunshine I will send more your way, I have had more than I want at the moment. Cannot wait to snuggle up in cosy quilts....yes it is bizarre I know!

  5. Sunshine here today, too! Makes one feel SO much better, don't ya think? sending XXXs to Billy!