Saturday, 21 May 2011


          I have spent a lot of time pottering about my little garden this week,an hour here and there and am pleased with the out come.It is more like a little court yard so my neighbour tells me because there is only a little patch of lawn with my plants around it.there is a building to one side of it that does not belong to us and is not in good condition but I cannot do anything about that,I just have to put up with it.
   My lupins have come out and if I do say so myself they are beautiful,first year they have flowered I planted it 4yrs ago.

   My little bath tub and jugs of herbs are coming on as well .
   I do have some  more herbs dotted about but also lost some with the bad winter.

   Just a few more wont bore you with all pics I took.
   This one is a little oak tree,my eldest grandson and me planted an acorn about 3yrs ago and this is the result,Billy is over the moon with it bless him.

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  1. oohh love your garden!
    we have a tiny oak that grew from an acorn in the middle of our lawn when we lived in dorset~so when we moved we dug it out and brought it with us!