Tuesday, 3 April 2012

L is for Look what Iv got.

Hi folks what miserable weather it is today I cannot believe that this time Last week we had tshirts on and today we have to wrap up warm,but it is typical British weather is it not? When I saw the weather this morning I felt all glum but my day was soon brightened when Mr Postie came knocking with a parcel for me.Yes just Look at what he brought me,all these Lovely goodies which I won in Alix's giveaway over at usedtobees blog.Am I not a Lucky girl with such pretty things,I do seem to be Lucky just Lately because this is the 4th giveaway I have won this year I'm over the moon.The little cards below are folk art and so pretty I wont want to part with them.

        This Little chap is very cute and the Little felt broach is going on my jacket I love it.Alix is clever she has made them herself.

         Fridge magnet I would love a Little camper van and this one would just suit me to tootle around the countryside in.

      I think these are just Lovely 2 hexagon patchwork pieces I have in mind what I want to do with these so when I do I will post some pics of them.
      A fab Cath Kidson book with Lots of Lovely things to make all very pretty just as you would expect from Cath.

          Look at how Lovely this table cloth is,its very nice it will go on a little table in my bedroom where no one can spill anything on it.Alix I love all my gifts and will use them all thank you very much xx

    These pictures where given to me this week from my mother,this one is my Late fathers mother, my Grandma Eva who died before I was born.My mother says that I look like her even my hair is hers if I have not attacked it with the straightners. I would of Loved to have known her she sounds like a very Loveable kind person.The baby she is holding was my fathers eldest brother Edger who was killed in the war,poor Grandma.
        This handsome man was my Grandad Edger he also died before I was born.My son Jack resembles him especially the way that he stands and his slim body.I think I would of got on brilliant with Grandad because my mother says I have the same sence of humour as he had.God bless them both xx
 Remember I told you about the Thrush that has made a nest just outside my back door well there are now these lovely eggs in it.I held my camera up and took a pic making sure I didnt touch them cannot wait untill there are little chicks chirping away in there.

These are the Lovely plants that have come out in my Little garden this week.The pom pom primulas keep multiplying Iv now got quite a few.
                Lupins are coming on a treat seem to get thicker each day.

         Not a very good pic but these few grape hyacinths are such a Lovely colour.
And the Euphorbia plants are spreading every where, there is some Lavender in there as well which is starting to Look nice .
Well that seems to have taken me an age to post as I have had to break off to sort dinner out,all ready now so I will sign off,wish you all a happy evening and go and eat my dinner Im having quorn chilli and rice yum yum.Bye for now take care Love Jill xxx


  1. You certainly are a lucky lady! I love the tablecloth - is it hand stitched or patterned into the fabric? I remember how my mother always used table cloths, but nowadays we seem to use place mats instead, except or special when out comes the lace or Spanish cloth. Have a lovely week! By the way, it's horrid here, too, so rainy but the temp is going up finally...

    abcw team

  2. Wow Jill, some great prizes you have won.No wonder you were pleased.
    Love the old photos, they are one of my passions, I just wish I had lots more of my family.

  3. A lovely post, - lucky you to have all these beautiful things. The picture of your grandmother is splendid.

  4. interesting assortment of items.

    if it makes you feel better, the temperature last week in Albany, NY reached 80+F, 20+C, and now it struggles to get to 50F, 10C

  5. Oh what lovely gifts! I adore that little birdie:) So nice you have those old family photos.. priceless! Pretty blooms and promises of things to come with the little eggs:) xxx

  6. You have certainly been handy with your camera today Jilly - lovely pics, especially that blackbird's nest. If your weather is anything like ours (four inches of snow and a freezing wind from the North) then the poor blackbirds will be desperate for food. They love Atora beef suet if you happen to have any in the cupboard!

  7. I have enjoyed seeing the photos of your grandparents. I recently connected with a cousin 10 years younger whose mom--my Dad's younger sister--has a treasure trove of old family photos. It is very nostalgic to see these relatives who died before my birth and to see the ones I did know as they were in their youth.
    Its nice to see how your plants are coming along and to view the thrush eggs. Nature is a wonderful refreshment.