Wednesday, 4 April 2012


            Last week I joined slimming world yet again lost count of the times I have now.Well !!!!!!! I am sat here with the biggest smile on my face you could ever see.I have been a good girl only had 1 day where I slipped up, have eaten salad,quorn,roast veg's, jacket potatoes fruit and yogurts all week oh and salmon,no bread only the one bottle of wine no sweets crisps or bickies and guess how much I lost,I hope you are sitting down to read this don't want you to fall over,here goes   11lbs. Yes I am over the moon with that wouldn't you be.I will not be having any Easter eggs I want another good result next week.See you all soon take care love Jill xxx


  1. That is most impressive! A fantastic boost to will power (mind you, you clearly already have will power in spades!) Good luck with next week!

  2. That's fantastic,well done you x....I too am trying my best to lose some of them dreaded lbs,a loss of 11lbs well it would be most welcome,keep going lovely and good luck for next week too
    XX Manda XX

  3. That is fantastic.....such will power!, have a lovely Easter xx

  4. That is great. I hope you will have such a good result next week ; )
    Have a great Easter without eggs.

  5. 11lbs....... WELL DONE JILL!!! :0)))))
    I must try harder!
    Lou xxx

  6. Hi Jilly I could not find your email. So I will do it here!
    I wanted to invite you over to our blog to collect an award.
    Good luck with the diet, I have been hearing good things about slimming world.
    Carol xxx

  7. Hi Jilly I wanted to email you but could not the link. So I will do it here!
    I have an award for you over here
    Good luck with the diet I have been hearing good things about slimmingworld.
    Carol xx