Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bits and bobs.

            Hi,another beautiful day we are getting spoilt now, I'm just hoping that we are not getting the nice weather too early and this is summer,don't think so.I have looked after my daughters dog this week while they have been on holiday,he is called Finnegan Finn for short.He is a black lab as you can see from the pic only 18 months old,and a very strong dog,very good natured and I am going to miss him now as he has gone home today.As I have gone out of the door and down the road with him I have felt like a kite he has pulled me along like a rag doll until we have got to the fields and he can be let off his lead to chase sticks that I have thrown for him.As you can see the field I have taken him to is on a hill so he has run up and down tail wagging wanting more,he is a lovely dog.

            Now I'm going to show you some of the things I have been making over the last few weeks. The little bags on this wreath have wadding in them with some essential oils sprinkled on tissue it smells lovely when you walk past it.
           After Christmas when I took the fairy lights down off the dresser in the kitchen I thought it looked very bare so I made this bunting to hang up,.I think it looks quite nice with hearts as well.

           A few weeks ago I won a giveaway over at The Wiccan life blog and received these two little wreaths which Kim makes herself,I think they are quite cute and at the moment they are sitting looking pretty on one of my book cases,thanks again Kim.

          And then I was very lucky to win another giveaway from Rue and Hyssop blog,and received this book and seeds,they are medicinal herbs I cant wait to get some compost  and get sowing them,and as soon as I have finished reading the book I have on the go at the mo I will be reading this.Thank you Rue.

          I have gone along to my friend Denise's craft club and have been making cards,I love doing them like Denise says it is very theraputic.These are just a few of what I have done there.
           And these are what I have done at home.My daughter Maria started doing cards a few years ago so I have had her stash of bits and bobs out and got a bit carried away with myself but lost in my own little world.
           These three are my favourite ones I think untill I make some more then Ill probably change my mind.

         I made this little quilt and added the buttons which I love they are so pretty I wanted to get some more but forgot where I bought them will have to look for some on line.

         Little Lavender pillows nice to sleep next to .
         Padded little pot holders whichhave some herbs in  they smell lovely.
        Teacosy and pot holder to match.
        Black and white bunting that looks nice and fresh when hung up.
          Two little bags you could use to put hankies in or make up.They are padded and lined with matching fabric.
        I love these littlepatchwork pin cushions,just bits of fabric that I had left over from other projects,quite easy to make.
         Just a few of the little hearts I have got carried away with.
             These little hearts are hung on ribbon with little buttons on.

       A small pile of cushions all colours.
          I like this one the best.

             This is work in progress,some patchwork that I have not done before but enjoyed doing,Im thinking of doing a quilt from this pattern for one of the grandsons beds,I reckon I will not be able to make one without doing three though.
          Maria and me are going to do a car boot sale soon so I thought I could sell some of what I have made there ,fingers crossed.
             Maria and family called into Glastonbury on thier way home from Cornwall holiday and visited my favourite shop Star Child to get my mothers day prezzie for me. A lovely bowl pink candles rose pot pourri and my favourite oil patchouli.Billy had said to the lady that wrapped the gifts up for them that "These are for my very best grandma and this is her very best shop"Ooooh how sweet is that.

          I love the way they print star child.
          How sweet are these little herb jars and pretty colours,they are from a collection of Jamie Oliver kitchen equipment.I have a fair few now all differant sizes and colours.

                I hope you have enjoyed seeing my bits and bobs,and that you are enjoying your weekend and that the lovely weather continues.Dont forget to put ya clocks forward oh I love light nights and will be going for walks now after my evening meal,lovely.Bye for now take care see you soon Love Jill xxx


  1. Before I got to the part when you mention the boot sale, I was thinking you should enter lots of craft fairs and have a table to sell your things. They're lovely.

  2. Hello.
    Very enjoyable post. Thanks for sharing.

    Justified Indulgence

  3. Hi Jill, such wonderful things and suc a lot of great work, very beautiful.
    The presents are so very thoughtful !!
    I love the Jamie Oliver pots ; )
    Have a wonderful day and I didn't forget the clocks ; )

  4. Beautiful, I bet you have a house full of nick-knacks :) x enjoy your week

  5. Oh my goodness - all your crafts are so lovely! You are quite the seamstress! I never did master sewing. One day I'll take lessons...

    Glad the book got to you!

    The pup is very sweet. Aren't they wonderful company?

  6. Hey - your luck continues! The mice just drew your name out of the hat for my giveaway. If you get my email from my blog and email me your address, I can get it in the post to you! Congratulations, and thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  7. Oooh, lots of crafty goodness there! Love the bunting, don't have any left (given away!), so think I may make some more to put out around home :)

    And congrats on all of your wins of late!

  8. Just me again! My email is usedtobees (at) (just type it the usual way - haven't written it due to my suspicious nature!). Look forward to hearing from you so I can get it bundled up and in the post!

  9. What pretty things you have been making! I like the idea of tiny lavender pillows. I've made tea cozies for friends and somehow never made one for myself. Right now the garden work is demanding so much energy. I need a rainy day to sort my sewing area and work on a quilt!

  10. Only me again, back to haunt you! I'm thinking maybe you have had problems with my email, so here it is again, in the hope it's clearer this time. Hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Oh Jill, I loved every bit of this post!!!! You have been making the loveliest things! I am in love with your bunting, as well as the quilt and pot holders. I have been learning to put a patchwork quilt together. I love playing with fabric.
    I also loved your photos of darling Finn.
    I hope your beautiful weather holds dear friend. I am looking forward to some sun soon too.
    sending hugs...