Friday, 23 March 2012

Plants and my walk .

          Hi you lovely people out there in bloggy land how are you?all well I hope.This week has been beautiful weather everywhere I think I hope so anyway,yesterday I and a friend in the village made the most of it and put our walking boots on and went for a 6 mile walk.It was lovely to feel the sun on my skin and had a good old natter as we walked along,some huffing and puffing as we went up the hills, there was a lot of hills.While I was waiting for Mary to arrive I took a few pics of the pots at the front of the house and the cheeky pheasant that is visiting us each day and pinching the bird food I put out.I have quite a few Pansy's and tulips in the pots at the front,they are coming up lovely and such pretty colour's.

         As I said a few hills to climb but beautiful views to stop and look at.Look how the sky is so blue cannot believe its only March

        Look at the length of the hill it goes on and on, sure is nice to reach the top,phew !!
           The primroses are out smiling away in the sunshine so delicate.
       Nearly at the top,this is the view of the village,see that's built on a hill as well.

       A very old stone trough for animals to drink out of,you can not tell but the water is very clear it comes from a fresh spring.
         This lovely old farmhouse has been used on Heartbeat (the telly series) a lot,its so pretty.
     Not quite show what this plant is called that is growing in the stone wall .

      This is Spot Marys little dog ,he enjoyed his walk.

           Inside the little pub we went in for a cold glass of coke nothing else.
          Look at the old dart board over the fire place.

        And to finish off a lovely pussy willow tree.
        Hope its lovely weather all weekend then I will be able to do more walking.Hope you all have a fab weekend look forward to reading what you get up to.Bye for now,Love Jill xxx


  1. It looks glorious! I watch "Heartbeat" every Saturday night before "Midsommer Murders." I must get a chance to take photos of anything related to those shows when I come. It's lovely and sunny here today, too, so I'm just heading out - you'll be heading to bed, I imagine, so sleep tight! :D

    1. When you are here Leslie I will show you where HeartBeat did a lot of thier filming.xx

  2. Oh by the way, I think those little succulents are called something like "hens and chicks."

  3. Looks like a lovely walk - Spot must've had his legs practically walked off! Have a good weekend - if this sunshine continues, it won't be hard.

    1. Spot really enjoyed his walk,wish I had as much energy xx

  4. What a lovely walk, nice to get to the pub for a drink! Spot just looks like my dog always on the go and looking for something new. I've always known the little plants as House leeks. Julie xxx

  5. gosh what beautiful country side, I just love the spring, and your pots look lovely xx