Tuesday, 20 December 2011

W is for Whitby.

As I am a Whitby girl I could not post anything else for ABC Wednesday but photos of Whitby.I have always looked out for the Abbey on my return journey home,even though I have lived in a village a few miles away now for 18yrs.From a few miles outside Whitby you can see the Abbey proudly standing on the east cliffs.When my children were small we used to play "first one to see the Abbey"on our way home.I think these 3 photos are among the best ones I have seen they capture the beauty of it just perfect.

This picture is of the harbour taken from the West side.

And this one from the East side.

This street is called Church street and leads up to the 199 steps past lots of quirky little shops.

This is St Hilda's church which is on the west side and probably the biggest church in Whitby was completed in 1888.it is also were my parents got married.

The whale bones are on the west side,these were given from Alaska in 2003 but the original jaw arch was erected around 1853.

This is a lovely view of the 199 steps from the Abbey.People come from all around the world to climb them, to count them and to see the lovely view of the town at the top,and of course the Abbey.

I think this is quite a special photo of Whitby in the moon light.

Also this one,a very stunning peaceful picture.
     Hope you enjoy my photos and if you have not already visit one day.
     Love Jill xx


  1. Simply gorgeous. I love the silhouette of the Abbey. Good stuff.

  2. It is such a pretty place isnt it? Some lovely pictures.

  3. I have never been to Whitby, but think I would like to after seeing your lovely photo's :-) x

  4. My favourite place fab photo's Jilly xx
    xx Manda xx

  5. the first harbour shot is particularly lovely.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Gorgeous photos! I hope I'll be able to climb those steps when I come next summer! I'll be there with my friend Cathy and we'll be visiting Denise...and maybe you, too??? Warm wishes for a great holiday season.

    abcw team

  7. Lovely Whitby, we used to go a lot, even sometimes just for the day, sometimes for longer, when we lived in Cumbria, just a little too far now were in Dorset, perhaps one day...Julie x

  8. Whitby is one of the places I have not yet visited. (have always meant to). It looks beautiful, thanks for posting the photographs.

  9. Oh fantastic Jill - I need to visit soon - love them all. Dxxx

  10. Lovely pictures, I'm thinking I'd quite like a teeny cottage to holiday in there, it would be filled with buckets and spades, shells, and sandy shoes....
    nattie x

  11. Such a beautiful spot. Your pictures have made me want to visit!

  12. What wonderful images!!!

    Happy holidays!

  13. Stunning captures.

    A writer's mind of a six year old. Have a wonderful holiday!

  14. Have never been to Whitby but always associate it with Victorian jet mourning jewelry.

  15. Marvelous photos of Whitby. Make me quite homesick. Had some wonderful fish and chips there last time I visited.

  16. Lovely photo's Jill. Have now put it on my list of places to visit. Looks wonderful in the half light..
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Yule to you and yours
    Julie x

  17. Lovely photos Jilly. Interesting about playing 'last one to see the abbey'. I come from Lincoln and when we went back we used to play - last one to see Lincoln cathedral is a monkey's uncle!

  18. Your pictures make for a beautiful post...