Sunday, 18 December 2011


Some photos of my christmas decorations.
I made this wreath hung on the front door.

                                              And these two little hearts hanging in the window.

                          I love this Santa,my friend Ann bought me him 3yrs ago.
                          This Santa I bought one Christmas holiday in Scotland.
                     Lights around the fire place.
                          Lights around the dresser in the kitchen.
                                       And the Christmas tree.I have taken some photos of the lights in the evening time but they have come out a bit dark so I will have to do them again then I will post them as well.
With love for now Jill xx


  1. Ah Jilly it all looks gorgeous. Your wreath is brilliant and despite all the lovely wreaths fellow bloggers have made I still havent got one for our outside.I dont seem to have either the time or inclination now!

  2. I love the reds and your lights look gorgeous. I love lights on a dresser. I can't find holly where I live, yours looks lovely. I haven't a wreath either and have only just started doing the tree. Yes, I better crack on!!! I did find Christmas cake and pudding in Marks and Sparks here though, but no mince pies. Have a lovely Christmas. xxx

  3. I've enjoyed the peek into your house. I like the decorations on your kitchen dresser [ called a 'hutch' here] but think your kitty must be very well behaved not to poke at things. Nothing here is safe!