Tuesday, 13 December 2011

V for vegetables.

         At this time of year I'm sure that most of us welcome a nice bowl of vegetable soup or a nice plate of vegetable stew and dumplings or a vegetable pie or a Sunday roast of meat and 3 veg.I love vegetables most of them raw as well as cooked,as a child I used to sit at the dinner table eat all my veg's then sit and laugh at my 2 brothers and sister while they where having to sit and eat thiers as they did not like them,mum and dad always said "you gotta eat ya greens".I love feeding my family as they have always eaten thiers and now my grandchildren all eat thiers,they must all take after me with my love of all things veggie.


  1. need more veggies...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. My children always ate their veggies, as did I when I was a youngster.

  3. In fact, I ate a bowl of vegetable soup today, it was delish!

    Please come and see the Voyage of the Mermaid. Happy holidays!

  4. Yes, I had a bowl of soup with lots of veggies for lunch!! Lovely.

    V is for verdigris

  5. I love veggies.

    Please inspire me with your comment at my V entry thanks!

  6. I, too, love veggies raw and in the winter miss my salads!
    ABC Team