Wednesday, 14 December 2011


         Off I went to slimming world tonight after a week of on and off not really food optimising dreading getting on the old scales ,fingers crossed and all the usuall stuff ,and I had lost another pound. I was not gutted that it was only a pound or glad that I had lost and not put on because I just did not know what to expect,quite pleased with that.5 and half pound off  in 2 weeks is not bad.I now would like to keep on loosing about 1lb a week, as that is what they say is a healthy weight lose and I will soon be at my target.Keep ya fingers crossed for me out there in blog land,thanking you.
         Hope you are all keeping well,warm and loosing weight if you want to.Love and hugs Jill xxx


  1. I’ve got everything crossed for you! WELL DONE.......

    have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Well done. I think we will be on the SW diet after christmas, there are too many temptations before!

  3. Looks like Miss Haversham's library (your 'I would love a room like this')

    I love the Slimming World diet - it certainly worked for me.