Saturday, 17 December 2011

Its Cold tonight.

      It is cold here tonight I have my feet in front of the log burner toasty warm and pussy cat Patchouli is curled up warm and cosy, she knows where the best place in the house is.We are now all ready for Christmas, decorations up shopping all done only fresh things to get on Christmas eve,a few presents to wrap which will not take me long,then I can forget about preparations and enjoy.Looking thro the Christmas tv mag this morning I may as well have picked up last years,the same films the same stories even the same old things going on in soap land.I just hope that I receive a nice book on Christmas morning then I can sit and enjoy that and some nice relaxing music. My laptop isn't allowing me to post any photos at the moment don't know why it did this once before then worked the next day.I wanted to show you some of my Christmas dec's photos tonight but I will try again tomorrow.
     Well,I'm now going to fill my hot water bottle and sort out the house for the night,stock the fire up to keep us warm, put the rubbish out and I think I will have a brandy,It was my dads favourite tipple so it seems right to have one for him tonight when my dear auntie Avis his only sister has passed over to the other side.I do believe that there will be a party in heaven tonight to celebrate her been with all her family again. I know that one day I will see them all again (hope I'm not depressing you cos that is not my intention).I have said enough now so will bid you a good night ,hope you are all well,keeping warm and not to stressed with your Christmas preps.
Night night sleep tight love Jill xxx


  1. Keep toastie and warm, x
    All quite calm here, just waiting for hubby to get back from work...yes on a flippin Sunday humpf...then going to have a baileys put some nice xmas music on and put the tree up :-)
    Your just reflecting on memories, not depressing at all,It is so sad when we loose the people we love, and yes I think you are right there is a party going on in heaven :-)
    Sophie xx