Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Weight update.

     If you read my previous post you will know I went to slimming world tonight and that I have been up and down,WELL what a shock I got tonight when I stepped on them there scales 4and a half pounds off, yes you did read right 4and a half.Do not know how because I have had a bad week but Im so chuffed I could jump over the moon.
   Weather is very cold here tonight think I will have to put me shawl around me that grandma made me a long time ago tonight,oh now that does sound like a old granny dont it?   Hope you are all keeping warm,night night sleep tight.Love Jill xx


  1. That's a great weight loss in a week.... well done! I am going to hang a dress up that I can't get into to see if that will encourage me to drop a dress size. It's not easy at this time of year though! Abby xx

  2. That is FANTASTIC!!!! well done you, p.s Old Granny is very chic these don't worry :-) xx

  3. Funny--I was thinking today that a shawl might be the perfect addition to my winter 'wardrobe'--although for sure if I tried to wear one in public with a wool skirt--I'd be trailing it behind or fumbling with it. But, its a nice warm idea!