Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My day.

      The weather here today is bright and breezy,we don't seem to be getting any of the snow that other parts of the country are only about 1hr away and they have snow.Its funny how you can drive only a short distance in the same county and the weather is so different.
      I have the house to myself for a few hours today,as I have said before it don't happen often so I sure make the most of it.Iv got me music on Fleetwood Mac "Chains" is playing at the moment.I have a few jobs to catch up on this morning and going to do a bit more gardening while the weather is dry.This afternoon I have to go into town for a few bits and bobs of food shopping then home to cook dinner for the men folk.This evening is slimming world night,have'nt been doing very well these last few weeks but I have given myself a talking to and hung a skirt and blouse I love but cannot get into at the mo on my wardrobe door to remind me that I should loose because of all the lovely clothes I have from when I lost weight before.
     Well I will go and start those jobs while dancing to me music.Hope you all have a lovely day.Keep warm Love Jill xx

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  1. The weather is disgusting here - hope it doesn't waft over your way.