Sunday, 2 December 2012

Chilly morning.

Good morning to you all.This is the sight I see out of the kitchen window this morning all cold crisp and fresh,healthy weather as my Dad would of said.I was up rather early this morning after a restless night again tut tut !!!! but never mind the days are longer and I can get more done and have time to sit blogging, sewing,reading or anything else I wish to do after a early start getting the household jobs done first and out of the way.
    Iv not posted for a while but I do have lots of photos I want to share with you I just need to sort them out first I may get round to doing that later today,Iv done quite a bit of sewing which Id like to share with you so some pics of that as well.I was very lucky to win a giveaway last week over at it is beautiful so I will post a pic of that later for you to see,I am going to be busy.
    My washer sounds as if it has just finished its last spin my last load for the day, don't think its going to get hung out tho it will probably just freeze out there today so Ill put it on the airer and in front of the fire,I have a tumble dryer but try not to use it too much and these clothes don't want to go in the tumbler anyway.So I will love you and leave you for now and return later this afternoon.What are you all getting up to today not mischief I hope or if you are enjoy it.Keep warm and happy my friends.bye for now.Love Jill xx


  1. Hi Jill, I like your frosty photo!
    My Dad used to say a good frost kills the germs. It's lovely here, not foggy today, but sunny and frosty. I think I need to light the fire and crack on with some hand sewn presents that I want to make.

  2. Lorne had to go to work early today and for some reason I was up at dawn! There is some sun, so I may go for a walk with my new camera. Looking forward to seeing your photos later!

  3. Thank you for your comments ladys hope you both had a lovely relaxing sunday Iv enjoyed my

  4. What a beautiful photo!! Reminds me of when I recently traveled to Dublin.. very chilly and foggy!! :)