Sunday, 2 December 2012

Last few weeks.

Over the last few weeks as most people have up and down the country we have had rain rain and more rain.Rivers swelling,fords over flowing,a river running down the street and wet feet.

This is outside my front door,lucky we have 3 steps up to the door.
Water coming off the fields.

     Iv done lots of sewing.

 These 3 are to make a baby quilt for my friend who's son has just given her the first grandchild a little girl.
       A rare photo of myself taken by Billy.Not sure I like it not keen on having my pic taken.
      A certain little boy had a 3rd birthday.

      Happy, happy smiles for grandma.
    Birthday boy and his prezzie.
      And his cake.
     Billy enjoying some.
     Some more sewing ready for Christmas.
       A quilt that is nearly finished for the 3yr old to keep him warm this winter.
          Billy tucked up sleeping sound.
          We have had a day at a rally.

     One excited little boy.

       I have asked for one of these off Santa do you think I will get one?

            I have sorted some of my little draws that hold ribbons and material.

 From this

 to this,not finished yet.
       From this 
       To this.
     Now you may of heard this on the news,4 or 5 houses on the east side of Whitby which are Victorian jet miners cottages have been affected by the recent bad weather and are having to be demolished.The land behind has slipped and pushing the houses forward,there is only one lady who lives there permanently the others are holiday cottages. If you look closely you can just see the red barriers in front of the houses the white painted ones at the top .They are having to take them down brick by brick for fear of them sliding and taking other houses with them.There will be a big hole there when they have gone and part of Whitby's history.It has just been on the news that in another part of the town in Henrietta street where the famous smoked kipper house and shop are just under the Abby is at risk as well,I do hope not that has been there for ever and would be greatly missed from far and wide.
        This lovely piece of work is not mine it is the work of Sophie from,I was the winner of her giveaway and this is what I won.Isn't she beautiful her new home is going to be on my Grandmas quilt that I have,it must be round about 40yrs old and still in good condition apart from 2 little bits on the edging that has started to fray and 2 little bits that are worn.I an going to try and cover it with patch work and this little lady will be in the centre for all to see.I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it but I have so much other sewing to do before Christmas that it will be a new year project for the winter evenings.
         This is Grandmas quilt I washed it a couple of weeks ago as it had been in the Attic cupboard and got a bit dusty.

        I love ribbons found these at a craft fair I went to a couple of weeks ago in a near by village.

  Last but not least this is another quilt I am working on for middle grandson Lewis the blondie with the beautiful big blue eyes to keep him warm.

      Well my friends I promised I would post these photos I do hope there are not to many for you.Im going to my bed now so I bid you a good night I hope you all keep warm and sleep well.
    Night night Love Jill xx


  1. Oh Jill...I so enjoyed this! Except for the fact that the rains have flooded so much and those precious homes are having to come down. So sad about that! You have lots to keep you busy on the upcoming cold winter days and nights so looking forward to seeing some of your work. And photos if the snow comes! Lorne is just downstairs preparing our dinner of lemon chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots! Christmas cake for dessert warmed and topped with a bit of frozen vanilla yogurt. MMMM

    1. Thank you for your visit Leslie,your dinner sounds very tasty christmas cake and yogurt Im going to have to try that

  2. Hope the water stays away from your door. Well done on the piles of sewing, your grandchildren must really love the love and warmth they give. And I think your photo looks grand, you are a very groovy nan!

    1. Groovy nan I like that lol,thank you xx

  3. Lovely pics, I love all your projects!

  4. So much crafty goodness there, Jill! I admire how you get things done while I tend to just 'think' about it :( Must be one of my 'do better's' for the new year!

    You're quite the talented lady :)

  5. Hi Jill, just catching up with blog reading! Hope you are ok. Looks like you have been busy crafting! The boys are lovely, growing up fast.Have a lovely week, love Anne