Tuesday, 1 May 2012

P is for my love of Patchouli.

                     Patchouli is my all time favourite aroma , I can remember the first time I smelt it and fell in love with it.I was in my aunty's shop when I was about 10yrs old and this lady was buying some crystals from aunt I was just mesmerised by this lady she had the most lovely dress on all floaty and colours of the rainbow she looked so pretty with her long hair big earrings lots of bangles and the most fantastic scent coming from her I had ever smelt.I was a child that would just ask if I wanted to know something so I asked the lady what was the perfume she was wearing,she smiled at me and said" do you like it because not many people do,its called Patchouli."That was it I had to have some,my aunt told me I could buy it in a shop around the corner from hers,so when I had saved up of my pocket money I was in there buying my first bottle of Patchouli oil.
      My mum liked the Patchouli I had started to wear my dad sort of sniffed as I walked in a room and I remember him asking mum if they had a hippy on there hands and them both laughing.So that was the start of my fashion a Patchouli smelling hippy.As a teenager I would spend my money from my weekend job on Patchouli oil ,Patchouli incense sticks,my favourite shops were the hippie shops in the town we lived in where I bought clothes that I saved up for.I used to put Patchouli in the bath,on my bedding,on the cushions I had on my bed pretty much everywhere the house was heavy with the scent of it and dad grew to like it,my 2 brothers and sister also did,and I remember grandma saying she knew it was me coming into her house before she saw me due to the scent that entered before me ,she also grew to like it.
        My hubby likes Patchouli and has worn it and I always buy him aftershave with it in,my daughter and son have grown up with scent of it and now my eldest grandson Billy although only 6yrs old likes it and always says if he can smell it.I put it on a tissue and put it in the tumble dryer, on the filter of the hover,on a piece of linen hung in the airing cupboard and used to put it in the water that went in the steam iron until son said he was asked at school what it was he smelt of ,think he was a bit embarrassed to say it was mums hippy juice LOL. 
        When I got pussycat I said she had to be called Patchouli,she is pretty and mysterious just like the scent its self.I have cushions all over the house that have Patchouli dabbed on them and she can always be found cuddled up to them.

        I have never found any where in this country that sells Patchouli plants but I will one day and be able to choose just the right one for me.
                They are such pretty flowers on the lovely plant very delicate.I went to collage a few years ago to  get a diploma in aromatherapy and was so excited when the tutor asked if anyone liked her favourite oil Patchouli because she had only come across one other person who liked it,she told me which other oils she used to mix Patchouli with and used me as a guinea pig when she massaged with it.I'm always using it in my little potions I mix for myself  to use in the bath or massage into my skin,it is very good for cracked  skin so I buy unperfumed body lotion so I can add it to that when my skin is dry and hands are cracked from working in the garden.Its very good for dandruff so I use it diluted for my son as he has suffered with it,and its also been good for his eczema.Its also an antidepressant so used moderately can help lift your spirits,its also an aphrodisiac but I suppose that depends on  weather both partners find the perfume pleasing.
      Well I have enjoyed telling you about my love of Patchouli please let me know if you like it.
 Hope you are all well and happy.Bye for now Love Jill xx


  1. I don't think I've ever smelled it, but I'm willing to give it a try! :D Have a perfect week, Jill.

    abcw team

    1. You will know what it smells like when you see me in august Leslie xx

    2. Hi Jill; I too have always loved the scent of Patchouli, and lo and behold, I found a small patchouli plant for sale at my local garden centre about a month ago. Since we are going through a massive heat wave, this little plant is growing like mad and I can't wait to see how it thrives when flowering season starts!

  2. It reminds me of a girl I interned with.
    When I was growing up it was used to cover the smell of marijuana...so it's use was discouraged!!
    Jane x

    1. It sure covers up the smell of most things Jane xx

  3. That's a new P word for me. I hope you can find the plants. They are lovely. Carver ABC Wed. Team

  4. I agree the word is new to me thanks for the information.


  5. mmmmm much gorgeousness~as you know from one of my olde posts i adore patchouli :)

  6. I've smelled a LOT of patchouli in my college days, used, as noted, as an - er, air freshener, shall we say.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. I don't like the smell of patchouli, but I remember it was used in the 70th to cover the smell of hashish, lol !

  8. She is indeed pretty!

    P is for Pizzaroni
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  9. I love patchouli scent--perhaps not as much as you because I am sensitive to fragrances and only use them in small amounts. I think it is one of those scents that people sense differently.

  10. Hi,
    I love patchouli too !! My husband doesn't that much, so that is a shame ; )
    I always wanted to be a flower girl too.
    I just wanted to ask you how many drops you use in your lotions etc. It is very strong so, I think not too many drops ???
    I love your cat.

  11. Patchouli moved into rural Vermont in the 70's when the trust-funded 'hippies' came there to practice the good life.
    I was way too naive to realise the scent was being used to cover up marijuana. [It also disguised to some extent the fact that many of them weren't into regular bathing.]
    That said, I do like the scent, in moderation or as a subtle part of a blend.
    Have to say that lavender is still my favorite.
    I hope your back is on the mend--I've found that putting mine 'out' [frequently] leads to pain in other areas of my body.

  12. "I have never found any where in this country that sells Patchouli plants but I will one day and be able to choose just the right one for me." King's Herbs on Route 10 south of Honey Brook, PA in Lancaster County (Amish Country) sells patchouli plants. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kings-Herb-Nook/138268485033