Monday, 7 May 2012

A mixture.

      Hi lovely people,I now have my own laptop back thank goodness Iv been lost with out it,so I thought I would post some of the photos I have taken, my 3 cheeky beautiful grandsons Billy and Lewis with my glasses on,Scott with his dummy in and a face covered in cake and the other cheeky monkey, Billy's monkey which we bought him when he was 2 and goes everywhere with him and as you can see is always getting into bother,think grandad had something to do with that.

      This is Billy watching the train coming into the station.This engine is called the Bittern so Billy informed me,I didn't know until he told me honestly I'm not a train spotter lol.
       Remember the Thrush I told you that had built her nest outside my back door well these are photos of the little chicks as they have grown.There was 3 of them they have flown now so I do miss them cheeping away.
        Pussycat Patchouli asleep in the sunshine today.
             The next photos are of my garden 2 weeks ago, it has come on a lot more since I took these,it is starting to look pretty a bit more colour is needed but I do like pink and blues.
      My pots of Pansy's have been lovely but have got a bit battered with the rain.
      My little wisteria tree is coming on, wonder how long it will be before I get any flowers on it anybody know?
      Another cheeky monkey who likes sitting in the sun.
            I have done quite a bit of sewing this last 2 weeks when I have had time, these are a few of what I have done.
I have so enjoyed my time sewing lately I could sit for hours.I sit up at my sewing table doing what I can on the machine then I put what needs finishing by hand in a basket ready to take down stairs in front of the telly at night just so I don't neglect hubby too much.

     A few more of the garden and plants at the front and a lazy pussycat.

I bought this plague a couple of years ago its on the wall outside the front of the house,many people stop and read it and chuckle and lots have taken photos of it.Nice to make people smile.

            And more of sleeping beauty curled up next to me while I was sewing,she is good company.

               Hope this has not been a photo over load, I love showing you my bits and bobs and reading your comments.I do hope you have all had a good holiday weekend and are well,I'm off now to see what you have posted.Bye for now love Jill xxx



  1. Hi Jill, I love looking at people's photos and never tire of them! Through them, I get to know the person and I must say you are one very talented seamstress! Love all your pillows, etc. Only a bit over 3 months to go until we leave on our trip! Yahoo!

  2. So much sewing goodness! Do you sell them,Jill? They are really lovely!

    We have one of those signs out on our front fencing, I shall have to get a photo taken & posted for you :D Hope that you are feeling much better now.


  3. a lovely garden :)

    i just noticed bilko...a liver and white ess...the same as flynt!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lovely photos Jill - you are certainly into a work mode at present. I wondered about those baby thrushes so glad that they have flown and all survived.

  5. Comment came through no problem, thanks Jill :)

  6. Loved the baby thrush photos and also enjoyed seeing your sewing projects. Sleeping Beauty is adorable :)