Monday, 30 April 2012

Up date.

    Hi folks,I feel like I have not posted for months and months instead of only 3wks.I am glad to say that my legs are just about back to normal,they still hurt at the end of the day but not as bad as they where thank goodness.
   I have not had a computer for a week (I'm using my sons today)its poorly and at the computer hospital,so Iv not been able to post or comment on your blogs I feel like I have lost all my friends in the world LOL,where would we be without our blogging friends.I have not done anything exciting over the last few weeks so nothing much to tell you really I have taken some photos of my garden as it has sprung into life with all the rain we have all had over the month,April showers they say I think we have had April down pours this year.We live at the bottom of a hill and over the weekend we have had a river running down the road as I'm sure lots of people will have done.
   I have quite a lot of house work to catch up on today as Iv sat on my bum most of the weekend sewing so I had better get myself moving and start to do something,I have put my washing in and tidied up so now I must change the beds and polish and hoover the upstairs.I will have a coffee first I think just to give me a bit of get up and go from the caffeine lol.
   Will be back with photos of my garden and sewing when laptop is better,may have to keep using sons until then.
    Take care all you nice blogging friends,Love Jill xx

PS Thank you so much for all your lovely get well wishes xxxxx


  1. So glad you're feeling better, hope your laptop does soon too! :)

  2. sorry you were suffering. note tho that housework is HIGHLY overrated cf blogging!