Wednesday, 30 November 2011

T is for Trains,Trees and a Three year old.

On Monday my three year old grandson came to stay for a couple of days so off we went for a little trek in and around our little village.Lewis and his two brothers love coming to stay because we have a steam railway literally on our door step,you can see it from our kitchen window so as you can imagine it is a little boys dream and a good few big boys as well.These are a few of the photos I took hope you enjoy them.

I think trees have such character.

This is our very pretty village church.

A very cheeky face.

Filling up with coal.

My friend donkey.

T   for Teepee.

One very long hill to climb,there is 12 grit bins on this hill all full ready for the winter ,do you think they are telling us something.Lewis opened everyone just to make sure they had not forgot one bless him.

The top at last.

Can you see the Tunnels?

Railway Track.

Twisted Tree roots.

Tumbling river.

Trees at Twilight.

And one very Tired Three year old,night night Lewis sleep Tight.


  1. Lovely selection of Ts - and great shots - thanks for sharing = Jane UK

  2. And presumably one pretty weary gran too.

  3. Isn't he gorgeous? It loks lovely where you live. Eliska spends a lot of time with her Grandparents and she loves it. The pics of he trees are beautiful. They are very magical, I think you are right. xxx

  4. Hi, new follower via ABC Wednesday

  5. A litany of T's!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Isn't he a cutie, you're lucky to live by the steam trains, he will remember that when he's all grown up, going to nans house......happy he's dreaming about them in that last photo!!
    Sophie xx

  7. It looks like Lewis had a fantastic time. Bless him!

    Lou xxx

  8. Loved the post - nice one and fits the theme to a "T"

  9. A cute 'cheeky' little boy face.
    I wouldn't mind taking that walk--trees really come into their own when the leaves are gone. Such interesting shapes against the sky.

  10. Jill, popping by to let you know my blog is now 'invite only' If you havent already had an invite, and would like to still have access to my blog please sens me a message at

    Leanne x

  11. Hi Jill, Thanks for your sweet comments and I have found some time to catch up with everyone. What a lovely post and Lewis is such a sweet boy, he has such rosy cheeks after spending time in the fresh air.... a great way to get them to sleep early!
    I noticed on your previous post about your trip to the dentist. I am going tomorrow, and if I need work on a root canal then I shall run out faster that a rat up a drain pipe!! Hope you recovered from your ordeal last week.
    Love, Abby xx

  12. Lovely pictures I too love the trees. what a cheeky chappy, bet you are so proud of him.
    I love pictures of the babes asleep, there is something so special about them.
    I am doing the same course as you! I do love it already. I have been using oils for years and only just decided that I wanted to do the course. Wish me luck for Monday week!xxx

  13. I can remember my Lewis (now 22) when he was that age, he too loved trains.
    Lovely photos Jill x

  14. Hi Jill,
    These are lovely pictures. What a cute grandson you have. Thank you for your lovely comment on my Christmas quilt.

    Lots of love,
    Emma xxx xxx xxx

  15. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments,I really do enjoy my Grandsons and taking them out is real joy to me.I do live in a beautiful place and enjoy every minute of it.Love to you all,take care and stay warm now the cold weather is here.Jill xxxx