Sunday, 27 November 2011

My weekend.

         Friday evening I went to bed feeling rather yuk,cold,stuffed up and headache,then Saturday morning I got up with a real sore throat and headache,but after breakfast and some paracetamol I pulled myself together and went to see my friend Denise.She lives about 20mins drive away and had invited me along too the village coffee morning with her.It was cold so a nice cup of coffee was just what we need along with a nice cake.I won some body lotion and pencils on the tombola and bought raffle tickets,no win there tho.Then we went to a town nearby to collect a new guitar for Denise and do some browsing,bought some material for the project I have on the go at the moment(more about that in a while)its nice to wander around the shops with someone who is interested in the same as you instead of the hubby outside making you feel guilty that you've gone into a shop and may take more than 1 second to look around,I'm sure you girls know what I mean.
        Saturday afternoon I sat in front of  the fire and did some sewing,I hardly ever sit down during the day but I have done it for 2 afternoons on the trot now,could become a bit of  a habit this winter.I did get up and cook a chicken roast for our evening meal so Im not lazy altogether.My sewing came out again after meal time and I didnt move again till I went to my bed.
        Now, as I was waking this morning still not feeling 100% I thought Im not doing much today just going to potter but while I was sat eating my breakfast and the sun was shining on the windows, no rephrase that dirty windows I felt ashamed that they where mine.So out came my bucket and cloths and now they are gleaming front and back and the outside doors,when Id finished them and was having coffee I decided to do some tidying in the garden while the sun was out.After what was going to be a lazy day again turned out to be a busy one but I sure feel better for doing something and Im sure it will help me sleep better,fingers crossed.

        The project Im on with at the minute is a wall hanging for christmas,I did one a few years ago but I think when I sorted a cupboard out a while ago I must of binned it along with some other things because I cannot find it anywhere,never mind I am enjoying doing this one.Easy really all y ,ou have to do is stitch around santa and the toys and any other bits you want to so anyone can do it.Dont you think he is a fine looking fellow Santa Claus ?I do.when Its all finished I will show you,Im sure I will get thumbs up from my 3 little grandsons Billy,Lewis and Scott.
       Well I will say good night and sweet dreams and go and do a bit more sewing before bed,keep warm see you later.Love Jill xxx  P.S sorry the first pic is a bit blurred and the wrong way around.


  1. I felt a bit as you describe earlier in the week and hoped I wouldn't be ill with company coming for the holiday [I wasn't!] I suppose I was over-tired and chilled. At such times I wish I could go for massage therapy. I drank lots of tea and went to bed a bit earlier, made rather undemanding meals. Sometimes its wise to slow down for a day or two.

  2. Oooh super festive, love it.
    Nattie x

  3. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for finding me and following my blog and for your kind comments. I love reading like you and believe you can never have enough books!
    Take care,
    Emma xxx xxx