Tuesday, 29 November 2011


            Dentist in the morning not looking forward to it at all,got to have a filling and some work done to a root canal filling I had done 7yrs ago.But the pain will not be as bad as the pain I had 7yrs ago that was dreadful ,I would rather of gone through a week of labour,giving birth is nothing compared to tooth ache.
    Hope you are all well take care Love Jill xx


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  2. Gosh, he's obviously passionate!!!

    anyway Poor you I flipping hate going to the dentist too. Good luck, will be over before you know it xx

  3. I'm with Fading Grace on that one passionate lol.
    Hope all goes well Jill. Hope you can put your feet up and rest afterwards?

    Love and Light

  4. Hope it turned out to be not as bad as you expected - that is what usually happens to me at the dentist.

  5. Hope it has gone well - I was dreading the wisdom tooth extraction, but I lay back and tried to imagine I was on a sunny beach (not sure why someone was delving in my mouth with a pair of pliers whilst I sunbathed!) and it was all over before I was brought a cocktail! Quite disappointing...

  6. Thank you for all your comments and concern.I have a dentist who is very good with anyone that is frightened of going she really does put you at ease.It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be and I dont need the second appointment I had so thats lucky.I have had a rest this afternoon and had a nice walk as well.Love Jill xx

  7. Like the thought of a cocktail or two Alix ,I had some hypnotherapy for pain a while ago and was told to imagine a happy pretty place only I go to,so I use that when Im in the dentist chair,it does work thinking of something nice.Love Jill xx