Monday, 30 May 2011

Car boot finds.

This basket I paid £5 for and at the moment it sits in the bedroom where my boys sleep when they stay over with their drawing paper in.

I paid £4 for these pretty cards by Cath Kidson,thank you cards birthday cards and plain ones,very nice.

This pretty basket was £4 it lives on the landing at the moment.

Hat box £6 contains my boys socks.

 I bought this basket 2yrs ago for £3.50,just last week I painted it this very light blue,as you can see the soft toys have moved in.

These draws (sorry they are the wrong way around) cost me £10 think I'm going to paint them white shabby chic style.

I like this little cupboard which contains my fruit teas cost me £24 one of my more expensive buys.

Must remember to turn my pics around before posting them.This shelf cost me £15.

£2 for this small egg basket which I also painted .

And this little rocker which we bought for the boys was £3.50 good one don't you think?
  Just a few of my car boot finds.


  1. nice!
    we keep saying we should go to some car boots we have around here, there are loads~some very large. the trouble is i think i will be tempted to buy too much!

  2. Hi Jill :)

    Having a bit of an "online afternoon" and followed your link from Laoi's blog. Great carboot finds, love the little rocking chair!