Sunday, 29 May 2011

Take That.

            Yesterday I went to Sunderland stadium of light to see Take That with my daughter 4 of her friends and a friend of mine,WOW what a fantastic day and night we had.After queuing for 5hours we where allowed into the stadium and the atmosphere was brilliant.At 7ish Pet shop boys where on who where their support band,very good having been a while since I had heard them I was surprised how much i did enjoy.
      Then Take That came on and the whole place was just bouncing,and that was without Robbie,my favourite.They where fantastic singing ,dancing ,Alice in wonderland ,all out of this world.THEN Robbie came on and preformed on his own and the place was just electric.We had managed to get right at the front of the stage and got the most amazing view of him,I think my daughter and her friends think my friend and myself are a little crazy cos we where just like teenagers jumping up and down,dancing and singing along with him it was just wild and I enjoyed every second of it,he really is the best entertainer,puts his heart and soul into it.Then they all preformed together and it was brilliant,5 very good looking men cos you cant really call them a boy band now.

   Here are a just a very few of my pics that I took. Just to good for words,or Ithink so anyway.

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  1. hello! thanks for visiting my blog!

    ohh i cannot wait for next week! my sister and i have seen them at each tour and it just gets better and better. we are flying up to manchester the day before to do some shopping (spoons allowing!) my sister arranged it all around me and my fibro :)