Saturday, 11 June 2011

No comments.

I dont know if anybody else is having the same problem as me,but i cannot comment on anybodys blog it just keeps asking me to sign in all the time.Can anyone HELP ME PLEASE .
               Thank you lots of love xx


  1. Hi Jill
    Thanks for following my blog I'm glad you enjoyed it...and for your lovely comment...
    have enjoyed looking through your posts... You were very close to the Take That Boys wow must of been amazing lucky you....
    Yes I too have had trouble posting comments not sure what to do either Sorry..
    Will visit again soon..
    Have a good week..
    Love and Light
    Julie x

  2. Hi Jill
    It's me again..had trouble leaving you a comment at first it won't go through..then I un clicked the keep me signed in button and it went through.. Try it , it may work for you..

  3. Hi Julie thank you so much for reading my blog and been my first follower.I was able to make comments yesterday as i made yours, dont know what was going on but thanks for the tip. Yes Take That where fantastic and very close.
    Lots of love Jill xx